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Remembering Martyr Rudolf Hess





This August 17, 2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of the murder of Rudolf Hess at Spandau Prison perpetrated  by ‘British Intelligence’, in collaboration with American agents, with inside information related to the event being in power of the Mossad.



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German American Bund

卐 Nationalsozialistische Umerziehung 卐 (National-Socialist Reeducation)

Bund_parade_in_New_York_in_1937_was_held_under_police_guardBund parade, East 86 Street, New York, October 30, 1939

The German American Bund (German: Amerikadeutscher Bund), also known as the German American Federation was a pro-National-Socialist organization established in the United States March 29, 1936.[1] Often derided in the press as America’s Brownshirts, the organization was the successor of an earlier German American group, Friends of New Germany, which had a large number of non-American German nationals as its members. The Bund had strong ideological ties to the New Germany however there has never been any evidence National-Socialist Germany ever financed the group.[2] According to the Justice Department the Bund had its largest membership of 8500 in 1937-1938.[3] Around this same time undercover reporters from the Chicago Daily Times who infiltrated the Bund for six months estimated their membership to be 20,000.[4] One of the Chicago reporters John C…

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Camp Bergwald – German American Bund Camp


Bergwald, a German American Bund Camp was built in the 1930s and remained in operation until 1941 when the FBI swept in and shut it down and rounded up some of the principals of the organization.

Federal Hill is located in Bloomingdale, NJ just north of where Rt. 287 and Hamburg Turnpike intersect, and right next to Pompton Lakes. If you go under 287 on Hamburg Turnpike there is a small county park on the right about 1/3 mile up the road where you can park. From there you need to cross the stream. The only way to cross from this location feet dry is to use an active railroad trestle next to the park.  If you go further north on Hamburg Turnpike to Van Dam Ave and turn right, there is a vacant area on the right where you can park and hike in.



Grafitti covered foundations :
N 41° 00.066′
W 074° 18.440′



The Iron Door :
N 41° 00.084′
W 074° 18.328

This is the infamous Iron Door on Federal Hill. It is a semi-natural cave with a sturdy Iron Door at the entrance. Looking up at the ceiling you will see gaps filled with rock and concrete. Near the entrance, a small iron pipe goes up through the ceiling. At the back of the cave is a hole for a chimney flue. At some point there must have been a wood stove in there. When the FBI raided the Bergwald Nazi Bund Camp in 1941 and rounded up the inhabitants, one of the locals explored the camp and found the cave filled floor to ceiling with documents in German.

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Germany: Thousands Wearing “I love Hitler” T-Shirts in Festival


A police probe is underway after thousands of young National Socialists wearing ‘I love Hitler’ T-shirts and shouting ‘heil’ in a German town for a “Rock against Foreign Domination” festival.

More than 6,000 members of nationalist descended on Themar in the German state of Thuringia to watch 12 patriotic bands performing.

Revellers were seen performing the Hitler salute and breaking the zionist occupied Germany’s dictatorial “anti-Nazi” laws which forbids the use of symbols of “unconstitutional organisations” or “re-engagement in National Socialist activities”.

According to police, the event, on July 15, was peaceful, with officers using the tactic of ‘deescalation’ to keep the peace.


Authorities in of the state of Thuringia said it was the biggest nationwide event in the NS scene.

Visitors were dressed in t-shirts with slogans such as ‘I love Hitler’ and ‘Sturm auf Themar’ (‘assault on Themar’).

In images taken from the large tent on the festival ground, hundreds of concert visitors did the Hitler salute along with shouts of ‘Heil!’ while posters showing WW2 soldiers were visible on the walls.

The public prosecutor has in the meantime opened an investigation.


Six people were provisionally arrested and 32 criminal offences were registered for the use of signs of anti-constitutional organisations, property damage and verbal abuse.

The citizens of Themar, which has a population of just 3,000, tried in vain to stop the concert but two separate courts ruled in favour of the Nationalists saying they had the freedom to organise the gig.

The event was held on grounds belonging to a former member of the far-right AfD party (Alternatives for Germany).


Around 500 citizens and anti-fascist scum held a small protest against the concert with slogans such as ‘out with the brown plague’.

The local hotel closed during the concert as it refused to offer patriots accommodation.


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Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power


The Re-release of the improved and extended Third Reich Pilgrim: Part 1 – The Ruins Of Power is now available again. This new edition has had five years to mature. The 1st edition was rushed through to meet the deadline of 12-12-12. The book has now been thoroughly proof read, improved and extended. If you have the 1st edition, or missed out on it, then I would recommend you acquire this new improved edition.

For purchase inquires please email:

“As I made my way along the quiet path by the Obersee, it reminded me of Mimir’s Well, so still and mysterious it was, a magical mirror-well. In the afternoon shadows I could see the distorted face of a giant’s head in the ravine wall, like the legend of Mimir’s severed head which Odin preserved and placed by the Well under the root of the Cosmic Tree…

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The Waffen-SS Music School at Braunschweig


Published in “Siegrunen” Magazine – Vol. 8, No. 2, Number 44, 1987

The special „lyre“ collar patch for SS Music School pupils.

 Waffen-SS Music School was established in Braun­schweig on 1 July 1941 with the assistance of the SS Officer’s School in the same town. There were 60 students in the first training class and the first school director was Hstuf. Edgar Siedentopf. Most of the individual training group instructors were drawn from the NCOs attached to the band of SS Rgt. „Germania“/Division „Wiking.“ The students would frequently receive instru­mental training from members of the Braunschweig City-Theatre Orchestra, but at all times their activities were supervised either by the school commander or an SS instructor.

Tight supervision was necessary since most of the students were young teenagers who enrolled in the school at age 14, with parental permission, for a four-year term. After completing their studies at the Music School, the students were then obligated to serve for 12 years in the Waffen-SS. Structurally the school consisted of one main building which housed the staff, a large examination hall, numerous practice rooms and supply and maintenance shops for clothing dispersal, tailoring, shoe repair, etc. There was a barracks (actually a boarding house), for the pupils, with quarters, wash rooms and a kitchen along with a band chamber. Lastly there was a training barracks that contained a gym for physical education and a number of sound-proof practice rooms.


The school provided the students with a full range of musical instruments, including about 40 large and small pianos, which all pupils were required to play. The study program at the school ran as follows:

  1. Instruction in a main instrument, such as a trombone.
  2. Instruction in a secondary instrument, such as a cello.
  3. Obligatory piano training.
  4. Instruction in music theory, harmony, history, instru­ment construction and operation, etc.
  5. Training in orchestral and chamber music playing.
  6. Basic musical exercises (up through the second year at the school).
  7. General instruction in German, Math, Geography and History.
  8. Physical education and sports.

The aptitude and progress of the students was tested and monitored throughout the year. The training methods at the school proved very successful and within a year, students were able to give public concerts which proved quite popular to both participants and spectators alike.

In 1942 the school severed its logistics connections to the SS-Junkerschule „Braunschweig“ and became a totally independent facility. By 1944 the number of stu­dents had grown to 220 and Hstuf. Eberhardt had succeeded Edgar Siedentopf (who had been promoted to Stubaf. and transferred elsewhere) as commander of the school. During the same year the town of Braunschweig became more and more the target of vicious enemy air attacks, which endangered the Music School, its young pupils and of course, its inventory of many valuable instruments. A decision was therefore made by the Musical Inspectorate of the Waffen-SS under Stubaf. Leander Hauck (later KIA), to relocate the school to the safety of the small town of Bad Saarow in Brandenburg.


In January 1945, Bad Sarrow itself became endangered by the advancing Red Army and the Music School of the Waffen-SS had to be dissolved. The pupils were sent home where possible, and the staff members were assigned to the newly authorized 32nd SS Grenadier Division „30 Januar,“ where they were used in the formation of the divisional reconnaissance detachment.

During the school’s existence, the pupils wore the standard field gray uniform of the Waffen-SS with twin black collar patches bearing silver lyres. A metal lyre emblem was also worn on the shoulder straps. A Waffen-SS sleeve title bearing the wording „Musikschule Braun­schweig“ was worn, but the somewhat ambiguous status of the youthful students was emphasized by the wearing of Hitler Youth belts and armbands at the same time.


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Today’s Quote


“The nation and the government in Germany are one thing. The will of the people is the will of the government and vice versa. The modern structure of the German State is a higher form of democracy  in which, by virtue of the people’s mandate, the government is exercised authoritatively while there is no possibility for parliamentary interference, to obliterate and render ineffective the execution of the nation’s will.

-Joseph Goebbels

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A Homage to Ernst Zündel

Ernst is a man who sacrificed so much, enduring endless persecution in an effort to get Germany off its knees and bring truth to the world.

Source: A Homage to Ernst Zündel

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