The Electron Microscope as Ultramicroscope

"Neues Europa"

 Ernst Ruska

Ernst Ruska, Dr. Of Engineering

Technical High School, Berlin

Scientific Research Papers Published In The Bimonthly Journal Forschungen und Fortschritte – Research And Progress, Edited By Dr. Karl Kerkhof

Volume I – January 1935 – Number 1

Theoretical and experimental research hitherto undertaken in the optics and microscopy of electrons has shown that a beam of cathode rays obeys geometric optic laws in just as exact a manner as rays of light. The optical elements, such as mirrors, lenses, and prisms, can be replaced by suitable electric or magnetic fields, through which the cathode ray passes. The value of the electron microscope for scientific and technical research lies in two directions. In both ways the electron microscope can open up fields of knowledge hitherto closed to us.

In the first stages, as long as the electron lenses had not been much investigated, the possibilities of application lay in…

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