Heinrich Himmler greets Adolf Hitler at Oberwiesenfeld Airport. Munich, 1936.

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1938 on the balcony of City Hall of Linz

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Adolf Hitler eröffnet das Kriegswinterhilfswerk 1939/40 im Sportpalast in Berlin. Re. sein Stellvertreter Rudolf Heß.

In this time of struggle, where the blood of Aryan people is waking up their long left dormant noble cause, many scramble to find a direction. Many hear the trumpet blast for action with the resounding tone of “Do or Die”. Many debate and argue on which path and how to tread. Many fall prey to politics and the viper it bread. Some whisper and some shout about the leaders they doubt. I assure you that we need not waste a moment creating a movement and defining it’s terms, for it has been done for us by the greatest man who ever lived. Study the precepts , tune your actions there in. Follow our leader Adolf Hitler and let the work begin.


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Blood Flag Pageantry in Color





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Berlin Sportpalast Pageantry

September 26, 1938.

Hitler addresses an enormous crowd in the Berlin Sportpalast during the Sudetenland crisis.

I always wonder about the decorations of these enormous halls. The preparations necessary to string all the banners and slogans had to have taken many days. I am forever Amazed. tumblr_o9hvwgoOR21toqeyzo3_1280tumblr_o9hvwgoOR21toqeyzo2_540tumblr_o9hvwgoOR21toqeyzo1_540

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