THE GERMAN – AMERICAN BUND A model for American Ethno – Nationalism & American National Socialism

American Nazi organization rally at Madison Square Garden, 1939
There where banners of Adolf Hitler and George Washington along side the American flag.This was not a modern day “Neo-Nazi or Skin Head Rally of a few dozen on a street corner, but a Rally by members of the German-American Bund on the night of February 20, 1939 at Madison Square Garden. Some 20,000 attended.
To date, the German-American Bund Rally in Madison Square Garden is the largest and most successful Ethno Nationalist Event in U.S. History.
To members of the German-American Bund there was no contradiction between the ideals of the founding fathers of America and the National Socialist system which had been elected by the people in Germany in 1933.
                                                                   Fritz Kuhn
Kuhn with the boss
                                                           with “the boss”
Kuhn appeals
Fritz Kuhn,  angrily protested against Allied justice as he appealed his ten-year sentence as major Nazi offender before a German appellate court in Munich, Feb. 14, 1949. Kuhn had been sentenced in absentia after he had escaped from imprisonment. Later he was recaptured and  held in a prison camp near Nuremberg, Germany.
camp Nordland
               German American Bund  meeting at camp in Nordland, NJ, 1938
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