Tank Ace at Kursk: Franz Staudegger


It is to SS-Unterscharführer Franz Staudegger from 13.Kompanie, SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 of Leibstandarte Division, that the most remarkable performance in the Kursk salient must be credited.

On 8 July 1943 Staudegger’s Tiger was under repair at Teterevino. A report arrived that some 50-60 Soviet tanks were approaching. Staudegger and his men hurried the repairs and set off to meet the Soviets. During the course of the morning this lone Tiger fought for two hours, destroying 17 enemy tanks. The Soviets withdrew to regroup. Staudegger followed and, catching the Soviets bunched in a gully, proceeded to destroy a further five T-34s. With his ammunition gone Staudegger withdrew. On 10 July Staudegger became the first Waffen-SS Tiger commander to be awarded the Knight’s Cross.

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