Blood And Soil



One of the rare unbiased accounts of anything pertaining to National Socialism. The subject of this book, Walther Darre, was one of the most interesting and progressive people to come out of the NSDAP. Promoting various “green” ideas and putting them into practice.

Conservation of forests and nature, eating healthy, animal rights, organic farming, living away from society, not having an uptight attitude about sex, worshiping your own ancestral gods instead of the gods of semites, localized socialism and self sufficiency, these were all common themes and practices in the early days and origins of the party. Most of these things were not practiced or even thought about at that time in history until the Volkish movement in Germany popped up. The hippies and environmentalists picked up on a lot of these ideas, although 99% were totally clueless of their origins. Yet another interesting person and facet of National Socialist Germany that you won’t hear about on the History Channel or in your sound bite level university history class that covers WW2.

Read PDF-Bramwell – Blood and Soil



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