Aryan Race

“If one wished to describe the history of the Aryans, he would have to admit that today the Aryan has vanished except for a few very small traces.” – Alfred Rosenberg

What is the “Aryan Race?”

The term is used by Zionists (being Jews and their dogged Gentiles) to mean some form of European supremacy. How odd then, that the NSDAP never really used it in that way. Hitler was never short to praise the positive aspects of Europe, however, in reading about what the official NSDAP stance was, one can only deduce that “Aryan” was not used interchangeably with “European” or “White.” The Aryan Race left traces in many places on Earth. From the areas conventionally called Europe and the Far East, to those typically named the Middle East and Africa, as well as the Americas.

This further explains why the NSDAP commissioned so many archeological expeditions: they were searching for remnants of the Aryan Race and they did it mainly outside of Europe!

Let your quest to answer the aforementioned question make its way through here:

Aryan Race Throughout History-follow link below

Source: Aryan Race

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