God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation

Our faith is carried by two ideas: God and folk. They are the holiest and highest ideas that we know. As old as the human species is the question about the deepest sources of our life.

Source: God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation

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Ursula Haverbeck once again sentenced to jail in Germany



By Carolyn Yeager

JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE “HOLOCAUST” NON-HISTORICAL NARRATIVE, trying to get an accurate picture of the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck is made very difficult by the mainstream media.

Even Wikipedia is not up to date on Haverbeck in 2016!

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s state news service, ran a September 2nd article (quickly removed from the “Top Stories” page – I caught it just in time!) reporting the 87-year old “Nazi Grandma” was sentenced to 8 months in jail for a letter she sent to Detmold Mayor Rainer Heller complaining about the trial of Reinhold Hanning in that city. This is different from the 10-month sentence she was given late last year for a TV interview.

As you will recall, and I wrote about extensively, Hanning is the 94 year old former Auschwitz guard who was sentenced to five years in prison in June for simply being there (no requirement for specific charges of criminal behavior and no witnesses). His trial in the city of Detmold aroused world-wide publicity over a 4 to 5-month period earlier this year.

In her letter, Haverbeck said that the witnesses at the trial were set up to prove the existence of the concentration camp, according to the DW article. She also said it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp, not an extermination camp. This is considered serious “holocaust denial” under German law, based on the constitution that was given to the Germany people (never voted on) by the Allied Control Council after the war. She is expected to appeal the sentence.

Apparently, the 10-month sentence given to Frau Haverbeck in November 2015 was suspended, although that fact was never reported by any media that I saw, and I looked diligently for further news since then. In today’s article, DW wrote:

“her [prior] punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was “the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history.”

I said at that time they would never actually put her in a jail cell and they didn’t. Now DW is doing its best to make Ursula as unsympathetic as possible by calling her names like “Nazi”, criminal, seditionist, and right-wing extremist in case the state does feel the need to carry out its sentence. But it is a losing battle. Haverbeck has a world-wide reputation as a beautiful, brave truth-teller of many years – if she is actually put in prison this time, there will be a global uprising against “Holocaust” enforcement laws and a further reading and spread of Frau Haverbeck’s beliefs.

What a quandry for the Federal Republic. It’s a joy to behold.

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Frank Raymond Speaks to the Justice for Germans Society

Frank is an Indian author who holds that the destruction of Germany was a crucial phase in the long process of white genocide and replacement, and therefore deserves searching and objective analysis.

Frank Raymond is the author of the politically incorrect thriller “Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells,” available from Amazon.com and all Amazon outlets. It is a fictional story of a few individuals and families who get caught up in the struggle against the New World Order, and confront the Order’s drive to genocide and replace the white peoples of the world by mass ‘immigration,’ mongrelization, low birth rates and — above all — mind control. Many read it for the entertainment, mystery and literature. Find the book here, as e-book or paperback:


Frank is not an expert on National Socialism, WW2, or the allegations that have seared a brand of shame and guilt on the forehead of the German nation, a brand that will burn for generations and will likely liquidate the German people. He traces his personal journey from a young boy who believed everything he read and saw, and came to hate the Germans, to his first doubts and then his present attitude of judging these allegations with a commonsensical eye. He urges all people to exercise that free, commonsensical and intellectually vigorous mindset when bombarded with propaganda that villainizes Germans and paints an angel-devil cartoon portrait of the entire National Socialist, WW2 and Holocaust complex.

He holds that this complex of events is a crucial phase in the long process of white genocide and replacement, and therefore deserves searching and objective analysis. Justice for Germans will contribute immeasurably to the struggle for survival of the entire white family of races.

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Invasion Of Poland


Hitler on  the Polish front, only a few Kilometers from the action.

Most real scholars of World War Two are aware of the reasons that Adolf Hitler sent the Wehrmacht into Poland.  When we look back on what we now know, it was easy to understand why England and France threatened Hitler not to invade Poland.  They all knew it was inevitable and they all knew why.  Most governments knew of it; but the well-spun propaganda and controlled press made it appear that a power-crazed Adolf Hitler only wanted to kill Jews and rule the world.  Even today, this same false propaganda is taught in schools.

Simply put – not only was Germany herself under attack from the World Jewish community (the call to boycott all German made goods in the early 1930’s) but worse yet, the Polish authorities were engaged is mass murder, rape and robbery of Volksdeutscher (ethnic Germans) living in Poland.  It reached such massive proportions that Hitler, as leader of the German people, could not ignore it.  He had to send in the Wehrmacht.

Read details of the atrocities  at the  link below



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