The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show: Mike Walsh – Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral

Mike went through various aspects of the book, notably: the human horror of de-colonisation, how Wall Street and London’s duplicity is directly connected to Rhodesia’s downfall, and more.

Source: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show: Mike Walsh – Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral

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  1. A real pleasure to see this post. I do hope it informs and inspires. The book’s genesis was in my desire to show that the Fall of Rhodesia was not a regime change to be dismissed as an isolationist event. It was part of a much wider conspiracy initiated by global conspirators. Rhodesia was one of a number of dots of which the ‘Russian’ Revolution was one, the 1945 collapse of Europe another, and every Western inspired coup, war and conflict since. By joining the dots you can see clearly that Europe is now in the cross hairs and likely the last domino to fall ~ if you allow it to.

  2. I just purchased on my Kindle and looking forward to a weekend read, on a subject that has always been of great interest. Connecting the dots should be the top priority for any thinking man or woman who knows deep down that things aren’t right and ,Mr. Walsh, you know how to do that with with a tempered urgency and lyrical pen. I am sure to enjoy. Thanks my friend.

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