“Dealing with the past – working with the National Socialist history in international exchanges”

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Call for applications 

German-Russian-Ukrainian Seminar


“Dealing with the past – working with the National   Socialist history in international exchanges” 


in Ravensbrück/Berlin, Germany

Background of the project

The way of how we deal with the National Socialist past is changing. This is not only due to new approaches in historical research which brought more differentiated views on the happenings of that time but is also a result of the societal changes. Among them the disappearing of the old generation who has experienced that time or has at least heard stories of that time by eye witnesses plays only a minor role. More important are the position of modern media in our daily life and the fact that a high number of members of our society do not have direct connection to this part of the history. These findings which do not only characterize the situation in Germany necessitate new approaches to deal with the topic of the National Socialist past. Not only do we need to re-think lecture like excursions to former concentration camps. We also need to find a way to create a space for individual stories, for each person’s own way of remembrance, and for the incorporation of new media. This is even more required as we need to counter the rise of nationalistic patterns which are trying to monopolize the remembrance in many places in Europe.

Main aims and objectives

  • to sensibilize for new approaches in dealing with the period of National Socialism
  • to enable the participants to reflect on their methods and to develop new ones for future international exchanges
  •                   to strengthen the exchange  and the networking between German, Russian & Ukrainian actors in field of remembrance of a common history
  •                   to encourage participants to develop mutual understanding and to develop a critical attitude towards their national remembrance policy


  • Getting to know the memorial site of the former concentration camp site Ravensbrück in detail by trying out different ways of formal and non-formal education
  • Developing an individual approach to the topic to bring together differing perspectives and experiences and discussing the influence of national narratives on our approaches towards the topic and to question the ascribed national roles often given by them
  • Setting a common base for a fruitful exchange related to the topic and the methods by finding common definitions of terms and exchanging experiences of applied approaches
  • Sharing ideas for innovative methods in relation to the topic which will be either prepared in advance by the participants or developed together during the seminar. They will be presented to the group and feedback will be given.
  • Visiting memorial sites in Berlin to gather more ideas for innovative approaches and to have a reality check on what was learned in Ravensbrück so far
  • Reflecting on best and worst practices to develop approaches which cope with latest scientific approaches and today’s societal challenges
  • Analyzing possibilities on how modern media can be used in international exchanges to give a platform for diverse ways of remembrance
  • Creating an online outcome of the seminar where different methods will be presented and which might serve as a nucleus of a future database of methods for international exchanges in memorial sites of National Socialism
  • Founding a base for future exchange on topic related issues and for common projects dealing with different ways of remembrance and different perspectives on the topic

All participants will be expected and stimulated to contribute to the discussions. They will all be asked to present their own examples of conflicts in their own country. After the training is completed we hope that the trained promoters will subsequently contribute to activities in their home country to promote peace and non-violence.

Recruitment of participants

All participants selected for this project must meet the following criteria:

  • be 18 years old or older
  • be able to work in English language
  • be interested in the training topics and have strong motivation to act as multiplier
  •        commit to implement the learned knowledge and skills in practice back home;
  • commit to report the content of the project to other activists of sending organisation;
  • commit to actively participate from beginning to the end

You will be informed of the decision on acceptance or not before end of September.

Financial and practical conditions of participation:

All costs of the programme in Ravensbrück and Berlin (including food, accommodation and training) will be covered by SCI Germany. You must arrange your own travel and pay for it yourself.


If you have any questions regarding the project and your application, do not hesitate to contact your sending organisation.

Application form

Please, send filled application form to projects@svit-ukraine.org before 20 of September 2016.

Download application here:


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