It’s Nice to be The Victor


It’s nice to be the victor,
Of wars that you have made,
For you there’s rape and plunder,
And bodies to be laid;
But best of all upon the fall,
Of enemies you’ve slain,
You get to write their history,
Whilst truth goes down the drain.

It’s fun to be the victor,
When the odds are three to one,
Disarmed, your foes can take the blows,
When final war is won,
But better than the plunder,
The chance of lies to tell,
To point the finger at your foe,
Then ring the victim’s bell.

It’s fun to be the victor,
Of a nation once so proud,
Then strut among the rubble,
To pull the funeral shroud;
And you may pen its epitaph,
A chance for only you;
Yes, you will write just as you wish,
It’s what the victors’ do.

To prance amidst the rubble,
Yet claim it is your loss,
To stand and strut your purity,
And say it’s all because,
I am the sweet and innocent,
It’s what the victors’ write,
No glory, shame or justice,
When the light of truth goes out.


Source: It’s Nice to be The Victor

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  1. Thank you, comrades; As you know, the entire National Socialist ethos was built on peaceful intentions. Most of the Movement’s creators experienced the sharp end of war in the First World War trenches. Very few of England’s warmongers shared those terrible experiences. The poetic power in this verse is that it can equally be applied, with images, to every US NATO war since. Thank you.

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