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Then & Now: Video of Adolf Hitler’s Berghof Offers a Stunning New Perspective

This mesmerizing 52-minute video takes you on a walking tour of the picturesque beautiful sites of Adolf Hitler’s mountain hideaway.From an aerial view, the camera zooms in on various points so that you have an idea of where things were in relation to each other and how expansive a semi-military complex it was.When the videographer stops at a point of interest, a picture of that site from the NS era is superimposed on the video, showing the viewer a glimpse of the past.The tour begins in 1925 in the Bavarian village of Obersalzberg. Strolling through the lush green overgrowth, you’ll see the foundations of cabins and then a youthful, and happy, Adolf Hitler sitting on the porch of a cabin when it still existed.From there, you’ll learn what the countryside was like around the Berghof, including the path on which Hitler walked his dog, the gatehouses that kept out fervent fans of the Führer, and even Mooslahnerkopf, the tea house with a view, where he liked to sit and reflect.Much of what was there was destroyed by aerial bombing or was demolished in the 1950s, including the Platterhof hotel, which was restored by the U.S. Army as the Hotel General Walker, but destroyed when returned to the government of Germany and turned into a parking lot.When the tour takes you to the Gästehaus Hoher Göll and on to the entrance to the bunkers, you see the dirty underbelly that you’ve forgotten while enjoying the scenic wonder.After riding down in a gleaming golden elevator, you enter into the cement bunkers. Even that effect, though, is not as much of an impacting moment as seeing the superimposed pictures in the dining room at the Eagle’s Nest where the SS dined and where you now sit with a vase and table setting ready to eat.Without the interruption or distraction of narration, you’re free to imagine on your own just how things must have been. If you have never been to Berchtesgaden, this tour will give you a great deal more perspective about how seemingly secure Hitler must have felt in the protection of these mountains.

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Those Damned Hooked Cross Lads: Something to Think About

Why Are We Nationalists? We are nationalists because we see the nation as the only way to bring all the forces of the nation together to preserve and improve our existence and the conditions under which we live.

The nation is the organic union of a people to protect its life. To be national is to affirm this union in word and deed. To be national has nothing to do with a form of government or a symbol. It is an affirmation of things, not forms. Forms can change, their content remains. If form and content agree, then the nationalist affirms both. If they conflict, the nationalist fights for the content and against the form. One may not put the symbol above the content. If that happens, the battle is on the wrong field and one’s strength is lost in formalism. The real aim of nationalism, the nation, is lost.

That is how things are today in Germany. Nationalism has turned into bourgeois patriotism and its defenders are battling windmills. One says Germany and means the monarchy. Another proclaims freedom and means Black-White-Red. Would our situation today be any different if we replaced the republic with a monarchy and flew the black-white-red flag? The colony would have different wallpaper, but its nature, its content, would stay the same. Indeed, things would be even worse, for a facade that conceals the facts dissipates the forces today fighting against slavery.

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Source: Those Damned Hooked Cross Lads: Something to Think About

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German Womanhood

by Dr. Joseph Goebbels- German women, German men ! It is a happy accident that my first speech since taking charge of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda is to German women. Although I agree with Treitschke that men make history, I do not forget that women raise boys to manhood. You know that the National-Socialist movement is the only party that keeps women out of daily politics. This arouses bitter criticism and hostility, all of it very unjustified. We have kept women out of the parliamentary-democratic intrigues of the past fourteen years in Germany not because we do not respect them, but because we respect them too much. We do not see the woman as inferior, but rather as having a different mission, a different value, than that of the man. Therefore we believed that the German woman, who more than any other in the world is a woman in the best sense of the word, should use her strength and abilities in other areas than the man.

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Source: German Womanhood

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Adolf Hitler – Radio Broadcast – October 14, 1933

My German Nation! In November 1918, when the German nation laid down its arms trusting implicitly in the assurances contained in President Wilson’s 14 Points, this marked the end of a disastrous struggle for which some individual statesmen could be blamed but certainly not the people of the warring nations. The German People fought so heroically only because they were completely convinced that they had been wrongfully attacked and were therefore justified in fighting. The other nations had hardly any idea of the immense sacrifice which Germany, almost entirely without allies, was forced to make at that time. If in those months the rest of the world had held out its hand to its defeated enemy in a spirit of fairness, mankind would have been spared a great deal of suffering and countless disappointments.

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Source: Adolf Hitler – Radio Broadcast – October 14, 1933

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Real color photo of Hitler in 1941, taken by Hans Baur, his pilot.

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Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order: Miguel Serrano

This new English translation of Miguel Serrano is quite relevant for the world today. It is true that he spends the majority of time discussing the National Socialist origins of the UFO, but as strange as it may sound, this work is surprisingly very straight-forward and practical. His insights into such things as the struggle between Nationalism (traditions of character and uniqueness) and Globalism (faceless slaves of the New World Order), CIA drug trafficking and their instigation of the heroin epidemic, the “invented enemy” called terrorism and much more – are all prophetic of the present times which we are living in. One could think that he wrote this book last night, rather than over 25 years ago. Perhaps, that is exactly what he was looking to accomplish. How can those concrete foresights not lend credibility to that which he speaks of the UFO? “It is down-right uncanny how Serrano can be so practical and make one prediction after another that have come to pass in a book about “UFOs”. Then again, we are speaking of Miguel Serrano, from whom we have come to expect such things.”

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