“Der Nazi-Sozi” – Fragen und Antworten für den Nationalsozialisten


READ PDF-the-nazi-sozi-questions-and-answers-for-national-socialists-dr-joseph-goebbels


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  1. Naht-tsee-ohn became an initiation word after 1945.


    So it is Rex Curry vs Siddharreich, your choice.

  2. Why would you be referencing Rex Curry?

  3. I do not know much of anything about him but the information is relevant to recent post and this website is trying to create an alternative narrative to that of Hollywood and the classroom. I am a blue collar guy, work 60 hours a week, and just trying my best to share what I find and believe to be true enough to consider. I posted your piece as I too think it is worth considering.

    • You expect me to believe that??? Let me put it this way: I cannot be seen to be linked in anyway to the Rex Curry website you are referencing, for obvious reasons. Either you take the post down or I will not link to you, it is that simple.

  4. Ok, you are off the deep end. I will gladly remove your post. I do not know who this rex is, at all, It was a cut and paste job. The only thing apparent is that you are calling me a liar, or disingenuous , and you sir have made a terrible mistake in that. I thought your material was worth sharing, but by no means is it necessary. I find it unfortunate that you choose this route of conduct. Perhaps in the future you can contact me, or your next suspect, directly, before jumping to conclusions, which by the way, I still have no clue what they are. Good luck to you. 88!

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