Hitler’s Birthplace in Austria To Be Demolished

71 years after WWII’s end, the Austrian government has grown ever-more dissatisfied with the positive attention and tourist traffic still lavished on Hitler’s birth home, the former pub-turned-housing-complex at Braunau-am-Inn.

Confronted with a growing number of “Neo-Nazi pilgrimmages” to the site each year, and frustrated by the present owner’s ongoing refusal to yield the property to the Interior Government for “restructuring,” the (((Social Democrats))) and (((Austrian People’s Party))) joined forces this month and appointed a sketchily-defined “Commission of Experts” to make the problem go away once and for all. The shadowy “Commission” immediately moved that the property be illegally wrested from its private owner and torn down, with the aim of building “government or social agency offices” in its place. The measure to demolish will likely be passed in Parliament by early next year.

In the Orwellian words of Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka:

a thorough architectural remodeling is necessary to permanently prevent the recognition and symbolism of the building.” (!)

The craven sliminess of this maneuver aside, it shows that they are struggling badly to control the narrative, and losing. Clearly they are getting desperate as Hitler’s legacy refuses to vanish, and their whitewashing tactics have now disgusted professional historians and the bulk of online commentators alike. (Just read Yahoo’s comment section of this story for a sample.)

If you are in Europe at present, why not make a “Neo-Nazi pilgrimage” to the site ASAP, and let these scumbags know what you really think?


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  1. We, the ordinary people, are justifiably apprehensive at the direction the NATO world is going. If it is any consultation, the political and establishment elite must be able to see the writing on the wall; they are freakin’ scared that the people’s revolution is going to explode pretty soon.
    The time will come when, throughout the world, great boulevards, squares, public buildings and national holidays will mark the epoch of the greatest revolution ever. National Socialism will be more a part of everyday life than is Christianity.

  2. Then one should definitely be a “Neo-Nazi”!

  3. I agree and while working away today I was thinking the very same thing. They can tear down a house , or other architectural remains but the people, more an more with each passing moment, will continue to make their pilgrimage. Does the destruction of Christ’s birth stable keep millions from Bethlehem? It is so out of their control. When people are changed mentally and physically, in such a cathartic nature, nothing will stop , nor discourage them.

    • Same applies to Ipatiev House where Tsar (Nicholas II and his family were slaughtered by the Jew Beast. A beautiful Orthodox Church or significant size has been built on the ruins. It is a shrine and a place of pilgrimage.

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