Saint Ursula


Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel remains free while she appeals the latest sentence meted out at a court in Germany .

A court in the German spa town of Bad Oeynhausen found her guilty of breaking Germany’s strict post-war rules making the denial of Nazi war crimes an imprisonable offense.

In this instance, she denied in published articles that the Holocaust happened and that the death factory of Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland was nothing more than a labour camp.

The court also heard that she also wrote to the Central Council of Jews in Germany claiming that the mass murder of six million Jews had never taken place.

More than 50 of her hard-right supporters turned up in court to show solidarity to the woman once married to a Nazi official.

One man, who gave the finger to the judge during sentencing, was arrested in court.



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Be Carelful what you call us


An Austrian appeals court has found a politician guilty of defaming right-wing presidential candidate Norbert Hofer by suggesting he is a Nazi and fined him thousands of euros.

Hofer took Social Democrat Ingo Mayr to court after Hofer won about a third of the vote in the first round of elections in April. Among other things, Mayr had said that a third of the electorate “chose a Nazi.”

Wednesday’s verdict overturns an earlier court ruling in favor of Mayr and carries fines totaling 5,550 euros ($6,100.)

Hofer narrowly lost to left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen in a May runoff that Austria’s highest court annulled after Hofer’s Freedom Party objected that the vote was marred by major irregularities. The two face off again Dec. 4.


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The World is Safe Again


A picture of a young boy posing like Hitler caused outrage after it was seen hanging in an Ikea showroom.

The black and white print was pictured on the wall of the store in Cardiff.

Ikea bosses quickly removed it after the error of judgement was pointed out.

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The Aryan Sun Gods: A Forgotten Memory of White Origins

According to Chinese myth, some of their most ancient pyramids, including those where the Caucasian mummies were found, were built by the Sun gods.

Source: The Aryan Sun Gods: A Forgotten Memory of White Origins

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Edward Bernays’ Brother-in-Law Designed The Nuremberg Trials

Colonel Murray Bernays of the Special Projects Branch was given paperwork that discussed a “Napoleon Precedent” – punishment without trials.

Source: Edward Bernays’ Brother-in-Law Designed The Nuremberg Trials

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