Authors of the World’s Disasters

Weekly newspaper Das Reich, Berlin, 21. January 1945By Dr. GoebbelsThis war would be impossible to comprehend, if one did not constantly remind oneself that behind all the perverse activities of our unified enemies, trying to deceive the world and lead mankind into the dark, is international Jewry as the driving force. They are the so-called glue that tightly binds the Allied coalition together, despite a vast chasm between their ideologies and interests. Both Capitalism and Bolshevism originate from the same Jewish root, are two different branches of the same tree and ultimately bear the same fruit. International Jewry uses both-only with different methods-in their aim to suppress nations and keep them under their dominion. It is not difficult to conclude how far their influence reaches in public opinion of all enemy and neutral countries, as it is not allowed to point them out by their name-everywhere, in newspapers, speeches and radio broadcasts. In the Soviet Union a law was passed that anti-Semitism, that is in plain language the education of the public regarding the Jewish question, is punishable by death. The man in the know of these things is in no way surprised to hear an important official of the Kremlin announce at New Year’s that the Soviet Union will not rest until this law is enforced worldwide. In other words, our enemies’ declared goal of the war is to protected, by law, the total rule of the Jews over all the nations of the earth, where even the discussion of this shameful matter is threatened with the death penalty.

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Source: Authors of the World’s Disasters

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Hitler and Emil Maurice, his driver.


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