Himmler vs. Hitler on Christianity

Both Hitler and Himmler were raised as devout Roman Catholics, but Hitler never quite totally cast aside his Christian faith in favor of completely replacing it as did Himmler.

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Source: Himmler vs. Hitler on Christianity

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Luftwaffe aces meet Adolf Hitler after an awards ceremony at the Berghof


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Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, The Unrepentant National Socialist

By Mike Walsh

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf was to opera singing what fellow National Socialist Herbert von Karajan was to orchestral conducting. Nothing short of perfection and adherence to originality would suit her temperament and this extraordinary singer’s voice. Born December 9, 1915 the beautiful Prussian might easily have been lured by the medical profession. Happily, for the world of music lovers she took up a career in classical singing.

Elisabeth was eighteen-years old when in 1933 Adolf Hitler’s chancellorship was endorsed by the German electorate. These were heady times for a Germany that was to soon afterwards disentangle itself from the coils of the Versailles Treaty and international banking elite.

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Source: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, The Unrepentant National Socialist

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