SD With Kitties


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Extremely rare photo of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels on the right. This is 1926 in Stuttgart, one of the first photos ever taken of Hitler and JG together.

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Hitler’s Window

Hiroshi Oshima meeting Adolf Hitler at the Berghof near Berchtesgaden

Hiroshi Oshima talking with Adolf Hitler at the ‘Berghof’ after he handed over his letter of appointment as new Japanese ambassador in Berlin – 1941. Here we see an other breath taking vista as seen through one of Hitler’s windows.

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Hans Surén


German Nacktkultur, or Freikörperkultur (free body movement), refers to a network of private clubs that promoted nudism as a way of linking the modern body more closely to nature, giving it a freer presence in the great outdoors.
During the Third Reich Hans Surén published “Mensch und Sonne,” a collection of nude photographs.
Though the numerous photographs of nude bodies no doubt enhanced the appeal of the book, the main attraction was the radiant mythic apparatus Surén constructed to justify a new culture based on “naked living.”
From Surén’s perspective, it was necessary to detach nudity from the association with sickness it had acquired through its use in ‘Luft und Licht Therapie’, and from its stigmatization by anxiety-ridden forces of “prudery” that were poisoning modern civilization.
Open nudity, for Surén, was a sign of health, strength, and beauty (relating nudity to the visual arts); the text implied that people do not “open” their nudity to the world unless their bodies possess all three qualities.
Völkisch groups and National Socialists promoted nudism, and the SS magazine, ‘Das Schwarze Korps’, advertized  Surén’s book, even giving it an entire page in a pre-Christmas issue. In that edition the magazine stated that: “We want a strong and joyful affirmation of body awareness, because we need it to build a strong and self-confident race.”
Nudity was seen partly as a means of encouraging the “health of the race”.




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Summer Camp Fun



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Remeber-We fight, For We Are Lovers


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Happy Birthday Joe!


Born: October 29, 1897, Rheydt, Germany

“There was a side to Dr. Goebbels which few suspected. He half believed in the occult. At the very end of his life he would have horoscopes cast for himself, for Hitler, and for the Third Reich; scattered through the earlier diaries are references to séances at which dark forces were consulted. On leave in Bavaria in 1928 he was to be found conjuring up the spirit of Leo Schlageter. The great martyr of the Ruhr resistance ‘appeared’ and, when asked who shall save Germany, replied with a tact that was commendable under the circumstances: ‘vest your hopes only in Hitler.’

Visiting Princess Wied in August 1930 he found an astrologer there who ‘lied forth from the stars precisely what we would expect to happen anyway.’ Goebbels’s own apparent cynicism was belied however by the diary passage that followed. ‘Auwi [Prince August Wilhelm] is very skeptical, but I am flabbergasted.’

He unquestioningly accepted the mystic powers of graphology. He allowed the Party lawyer Ludwig Weissauer to read his handwriting; Weissauer told him that it betrayed sensitivity and a determination to fight on. Weissauer found one flawed line. That, guessed Goebbels, must be Anka.” –David Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich


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National Socialism Basics Part 1


In respect of the future of National-Socialism – that idealistic, noble, but mis-understood way of life – it is important to understand that National-Socialist Germany was only a beginning of the practical implementation of National-Socialism. That is, a complete National-Socialist society was being worked toward, but was never fully achieved because of the circumstances of the time – in particular the advent of the First Zionist War (commonly called the Second World War) with the need for Germany to fight a total war in order to try and survive. In many ways, Adolf Hitler (as he himself admitted, for instance to Leon Degrelle) had to make several compromises in order to not only achieve power, but also to keep power in the face of external and internal problems. … Thus, while NS Germany (what it was, not what Zionist hate propaganda has made it appear) should be considered as an inspiring model for us and future generations, it should not be looked upon as the perfect, ideal, National-Socialist society. … It is our task – and that of future generations – to lay the foundations for this complete National-Socialist society. To do this, we must expound pure, idealistic National-Socialism, untainted by any compromise with the societies of our time. That is, we must expressly state what National-Socialism is and involves, however “impractical” or idealistic it might seem, and however unpopular. … We do not need to rely solely on political propaganda – such as stirring speeches, rallies, marches, memes, posters and  strident appeals , though useful they only ever appeals to the fickle emotions of people, which while gaining needed attention, fall short in building lasting movements of creation and achievement. Instead, we need more reasoned literature; factual stories of National-Socialist heroism; and living examples of National-Socialism in action, both individual and communal. That is, we need to show the idealism, the truths, of National-Socialism by personal example – through our own deeds and projects. Be mindful and forthright when setting about upon each days challenges, be they great or small, both privately and publicly.

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