Happy Birthday Joe!


Born: October 29, 1897, Rheydt, Germany

“There was a side to Dr. Goebbels which few suspected. He half believed in the occult. At the very end of his life he would have horoscopes cast for himself, for Hitler, and for the Third Reich; scattered through the earlier diaries are references to séances at which dark forces were consulted. On leave in Bavaria in 1928 he was to be found conjuring up the spirit of Leo Schlageter. The great martyr of the Ruhr resistance ‘appeared’ and, when asked who shall save Germany, replied with a tact that was commendable under the circumstances: ‘vest your hopes only in Hitler.’

Visiting Princess Wied in August 1930 he found an astrologer there who ‘lied forth from the stars precisely what we would expect to happen anyway.’ Goebbels’s own apparent cynicism was belied however by the diary passage that followed. ‘Auwi [Prince August Wilhelm] is very skeptical, but I am flabbergasted.’

He unquestioningly accepted the mystic powers of graphology. He allowed the Party lawyer Ludwig Weissauer to read his handwriting; Weissauer told him that it betrayed sensitivity and a determination to fight on. Weissauer found one flawed line. That, guessed Goebbels, must be Anka.” –David Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich


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