National Socialism Basics Part 1


In respect of the future of National-Socialism – that idealistic, noble, but mis-understood way of life – it is important to understand that National-Socialist Germany was only a beginning of the practical implementation of National-Socialism. That is, a complete National-Socialist society was being worked toward, but was never fully achieved because of the circumstances of the time – in particular the advent of the First Zionist War (commonly called the Second World War) with the need for Germany to fight a total war in order to try and survive. In many ways, Adolf Hitler (as he himself admitted, for instance to Leon Degrelle) had to make several compromises in order to not only achieve power, but also to keep power in the face of external and internal problems. … Thus, while NS Germany (what it was, not what Zionist hate propaganda has made it appear) should be considered as an inspiring model for us and future generations, it should not be looked upon as the perfect, ideal, National-Socialist society. … It is our task – and that of future generations – to lay the foundations for this complete National-Socialist society. To do this, we must expound pure, idealistic National-Socialism, untainted by any compromise with the societies of our time. That is, we must expressly state what National-Socialism is and involves, however “impractical” or idealistic it might seem, and however unpopular. … We do not need to rely solely on political propaganda – such as stirring speeches, rallies, marches, memes, posters and  strident appeals , though useful they only ever appeals to the fickle emotions of people, which while gaining needed attention, fall short in building lasting movements of creation and achievement. Instead, we need more reasoned literature; factual stories of National-Socialist heroism; and living examples of National-Socialism in action, both individual and communal. That is, we need to show the idealism, the truths, of National-Socialism by personal example – through our own deeds and projects. Be mindful and forthright when setting about upon each days challenges, be they great or small, both privately and publicly.

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  1. For these ideals to be seen by example in any meaningful way a National Socialist community must be formed – not just online communities, or weekend camps, but an actual community with homes and shops, galleries and theaters, etc. I do believe that this can indeed be done if folk would commit to it. And there lies the rub. There is always much talk and very little action.

    • We are getting there. It took a crisis, but everyday more and more people are coming to their senses. Though I have not given up on the land my forebears worked so hard to make a paradise, I am looking at alternative places to move if that is what it takes to survive and thrive. From recent investigation I can say there are hundreds of abandoned villages in Eastern Europe. Sieg Heil!

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