South West Forum

The first South West Forum was held on Saturday 29th October 2016 with a room packed full of Nationalists from all over Britain as far north as Yorkshire and as far south as Cornwall, with some excellent speeches from top quality speakers on a broad range of subjects to do with activism.

First off was Richard Edmonds with a speech entitled ‘Where does the movement go from here?’ Richard is without doubt the most respected active Nationalist fighting for the cause in Britain today. In a movement that is becoming increasingly internet based and anonymous, it is refreshing to have someone willing to stand up and speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as he recently did in an hour long interview at Bush House, the Headquarters of the BBC. In this presentation he takes a frank look at the movement today and asks, among other things ‘What can we do to encourage people of the highest calibre to get involved in the movement?’

Next up was Julie Lake with a speech entitled ‘Bringing everyone together: Why co-operation is best’. Julie is a former British National Party Regional Organiser and member of the NEC, she also stood as BNP Parliamentary candidate in Kingswood, Bristol, where Tory agents publicly credited her with damaging the Labour vote. She has also acted as election agent in the north of England. She is both a campaigner for the homeless in Bristol and for animal rights, specifically focussing on religious slaughter. Her major concern in this presentation is to end the factionalism and huge egos that are hampering the progress of Nationalism in Britain and to encourage groups, to, if only behind the scenes, cooperate together against the common threats that are poised to destroy us all.

Lastly in this first half of the day, Alex Davies from National Action gives a lively and inspiring speech entitled ‘Key Principles’. Alex is a British National Socialist activist and has been involved in organizing everything from leafleting sessions and outreach to the homeless, right through to flash demonstrations and direct action. In his presentation he talks about the need for Nationalists to adopt certain key principles when it comes to organizing and propagandizing in order for us to have a serious chance of taking our country back. The second half of the day included speeches from Max Musson and Jez Turner, with vintage Nationalist Ian Fotheringham giving us his thoughts on the proceedings.

The second half of the day is kicked off with Max Musson, friend and colleague of the late John Tyndall, who has been an active nationalist since 1974. He has stood as a candidate for both the National Front and the British National Party and over the years has been instrumental in the founding of three Nationalist branches. He is also a founding member of ‘Western Spring’, which runs one of the most popular websites in Britain, for which he is currently editor and operations director. His presentation is entitled ‘Community Activism’ and in it he describes a process that can be used to establish and secure White communities, with a view to then keeping out all non-White intruders. We have to stop thinking in terms of a mono-cultural society and start adapting our tactics to the multicultural society if we want to win. Max has been watching the ways the invaders operate and suggests that we do similar until it is us who own and control everything in one area.

Former National Front candidate Ian Fotheringham then speaks briefly about his impressions of the speakers so far and how Brexit has reinvigorated British Nationalism, before calling for a missionary zeal in promoting our cause and saving our country.


The last presentation of the day is by Jez Turner ‘The most influential fascist in Britain’. Largely known for his work as Chairman of The London Forum and the inspiration behind The Forum Network, Jez is also an energetic organiser, activist, writer and networker for our movement at home and abroad. Known for his humorous approach combined with a ‘sailing close to the wind’ message, he starts with an anecdote about a depraved congoid preying on White women and how he dealt with this. His speech is entitled ‘No time for cowardice’ and he talks about Marxism, Liberalism, Feminism and all the rest of the ridiculous politically correct nonsense that has merely been a blip in the course of our history. Jez finishes by calling for the ideology of common sense to reassert itself and push them all into the gutter where they so truly belong.

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Share your love and our struggle this holiday season

We all have at least one person on our Christmas list whom we wish to enlighten or we know would be tickled pink to receive a book with an emphasis on European preservation, protection, and advancement.  Throughout the next month I will make some gift suggestions  that both further our struggle and support those that have dedicated their lives to it.

Our Kamerad Mike Walsh, who’s articles you have read here, has gift wrapped titles for you to consider. The perfect gift because-

·      Gender and age of recipient are irrelevant
·      A gift you open every day for years
·      Always an appreciated gift
·      A gift unlikely to be duplicated.
·      Thoughtful and inspirational, unique and personal.
·      Meets your budget
·      Choose from home; no shopping hassle
·      Easy purchase takes just a minute or two
·      Is delivered gift-wrapped, safe, returnable and refundable
·      Educates
·      Does not put money into dishonest and godless traders
·      Offers a wide selection of pick-and-mix options
Visit the Mike or Michael Walsh Bookstores. Inside you will find real history, men’s interest books, and poetry for the ladies, educational books and books on the Reich; Ireland, anti-war, romance, business advice, global affairs.

If you have yet to read any of Mike’s book
READ microsoftword-thetriumphofreason
I recently read “Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral” and like every one of his books, it’s like eating a hearty meal.  Packed with the facts you need and no artificial fillers, you only pause to ponder the information and the  ramifications if we do not take what we have learned and do something about it. If you are like me, and have a voracious appetite, you will not be able to put them down.
When devouring a meal, such as this, one may want a hot cup of coffee or tea to aid digestion and for this I have an other great gift idea.
So sorry to say I just ordered a mug and was informed they no longer make these fine vessels, which further explains the long faces below.
When there are no Mike Walsh books under the Yule Tree…don’t forget Mein Fuhrer this Holiday season.
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Contemporary Norwegian Painter Frithjof Hoel






“I work with a theme that is based on a highly idealized representation of mankind. It is in many ways a moral project. The themes have references to Blut und Boden aesthetics. Blut und Boden originated in the German Nationalist circles in the early 1900s and was a kind of romantic / religious life philosophy in relationship between family, descent blood and homeland. It was also an idealization of the traditional agricultural and rural living.”

friend Frithjof on FB

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