Share your love and our struggle this holiday season

We all have at least one person on our Christmas list whom we wish to enlighten or we know would be tickled pink to receive a book with an emphasis on European preservation, protection, and advancement.  Throughout the next month I will make some gift suggestions  that both further our struggle and support those that have dedicated their lives to it.

Our Kamerad Mike Walsh, who’s articles you have read here, has gift wrapped titles for you to consider. The perfect gift because-

·      Gender and age of recipient are irrelevant
·      A gift you open every day for years
·      Always an appreciated gift
·      A gift unlikely to be duplicated.
·      Thoughtful and inspirational, unique and personal.
·      Meets your budget
·      Choose from home; no shopping hassle
·      Easy purchase takes just a minute or two
·      Is delivered gift-wrapped, safe, returnable and refundable
·      Educates
·      Does not put money into dishonest and godless traders
·      Offers a wide selection of pick-and-mix options
Visit the Mike or Michael Walsh Bookstores. Inside you will find real history, men’s interest books, and poetry for the ladies, educational books and books on the Reich; Ireland, anti-war, romance, business advice, global affairs.

If you have yet to read any of Mike’s book
READ microsoftword-thetriumphofreason
I recently read “Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral” and like every one of his books, it’s like eating a hearty meal.  Packed with the facts you need and no artificial fillers, you only pause to ponder the information and the  ramifications if we do not take what we have learned and do something about it. If you are like me, and have a voracious appetite, you will not be able to put them down.
When devouring a meal, such as this, one may want a hot cup of coffee or tea to aid digestion and for this I have an other great gift idea.
So sorry to say I just ordered a mug and was informed they no longer make these fine vessels, which further explains the long faces below.
When there are no Mike Walsh books under the Yule Tree…don’t forget Mein Fuhrer this Holiday season.
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