Novermber 9 1935


It was one hour before midnight when Joachim Peiper swore absolute allegiance to Adolf Hitler.

A tooling bell from the baroque Theatinerkirche across the square signaled the event. The bell tones resonated through the cold foggy air,invisibly moving the witnesses to the solemn occasion. Amid the towering columns of Munich’s Felderrnhalle  great red torches, 15 feet high, adorned with eagles , stood on a marble stage above the huge central square of the Odeonsplatz. Two massive lions glowered from the altar onto a sea of black helmets.

Peiper was 20 year old and a  SS Scharfuhrer(staff sergeant) and  officer candidate in the newly formed Leibstandarte and when Reichsfuhrer Himmler echoed these words across the square, he repeated.

I swear to you,

Adolf Hitler

Fuhrer and Chancellor of the German Reich

Loyalty and valor.

I Pledge to you

and the superiors appointed by you

Obedience until death,

So help me God.

Then the SS men sang the adopted song of loyalty “Wenn alle utreu werden”, an old German spiritual.

When all become disloyal

We remain loyal

So that on earth a flag will wave for you

We don’t want to break our word,

Not become like boys,

And we want to preach and talk

Of the “Holy German Reich”

Hitler, head held high,proudly descended the steps,moving along the long line, reviewing his recruits. After he re-ascended the steps and ceremoniously accepted the red Blutfahne, or Blood Flag , from the the SS bearer. This flag was stained with the blood of the men who fell during the fateful march on November 9th 1923.

Meine Ehre heißt Treue

My Honor Is Loyalty


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