National Socialist Basics part 6


“The call for one’s own space, for one’s own bread, becomes the prerequisite for the achievement of spiritual values.” – Alfred Rosenberg

But in order for a leader to adequately express his individuality, even perfectly loyal support from a folk is on its own generally not enough. Just as a pop culture icon is not truly an expression of the artist behind it unless that artist himself owns all the relevant means of production associated with the franchise (ideally staffed entirely by fans) and therefore is not dependent on intermediary agencies in order to reach the fanbase, so the National Socialist state demands absolute possession by the leader of living space for the folk on which a reliable economic autarky and political autonomy can be established. The initial mission of a folk once formed around a particular leader is to establish such living space. In this respect, National Socialism exhibits its fundamentally Aryan roots, for prehistoric nomadic hunting and herding populations had lordship over men – and, in the case of herding, ownership of tradeable assets in the form of their flocks – but not rulership of fixed geographic territory as such (and hence not true statesmanship as Aryans understand the concept), the latter being exclusive to the settled lifestyle associated with subsistence farming. For this reason, nomad patriarchs/matriarchs were always dull traditionalists, since no matter how superficially wealthy and powerful they were, their perpetually itinerant lifestyle ensured that they lacked the deep economic confidence required to imagine radical departure from the traditional social attitudes that have worked successfully for them through the generations. To nomads, social success and economic success were not distinct concepts, but one and the same. The deep confidence required to be anti-traditional, which arises only when economic life is separate from social life, is a possession exclusively of thoroughbred Aryans who live under assurance that they need only vigilantly hold and diligently tend their farmland and waterways in order to be provided in return with sustenance as guaranteed as sunlight itself. To Aryans, all other issues are questions of ethics and/or aesthetics, to be answered with noble personality.

“In creating, on the basis of National-Socialist philosophy and ideology, the political infrastructures and institutions that are the foundation of society, only the honourable and noble will assume the responsibility of governing and administering the new National-Socialist community.” – David Myatt

Mere governmental jurisdiction over land is insufficient to render it living space. The totality of the land and all material wealth associated with it must be defined as fundamentally belonging to the leader in such a way that the leader can theoretically commandeer any of it at any time. Private property is permitted for all citizens under National Socialism (unlike under communism), but it is to be understood that all private property within the living space has merely been variously entrusted to various citizens by the leader to hold in administration on the leader’s behalf, based on the practical consideration that the leader cannot attend to all of it simultaneously via state administration. Hitler’s favourite example for explaining this concept is that the state will let a citizen own farmland within the country, but only so long as this citizen continues to produce sufficient food from this farmland to feed the local community dependent on it; otherwise, the leader had better promptly seize it and give it to someone else more productive before people begin to starve! Property (which derives from “proprietas” meaning “special”) is hence distinguished from belonging (which derives from “be-” + “lang” meaning “to go with”); the former is a duty of citizenship, the latter a duty of leadership. This prevents degeneration into feudalism, where landowners can conspire as an oligarchy to interfere in politics via economic leverage.

It follows that the only valid conception of money is one where the value of money is guaranteed by the National Socialist state and limited to circulation within the territory under the jurisdiction of this same state. Not only must the state be the sole issuer of money, but even the material used for physical tender should itself be as valueless as possible. For example, gold or silver minted coins are an extremely bad choice for tender, as they could be melted down into mintless bullion and sold for the value of the material even after the state which originally minted the coins has fallen, implying separation between currency and state. Paper notes are a better choice, as paper money instantly becomes worthless (except as toilet paper) as soon as the state falls, thus tying the fate of a state’s currency to the fate of the state itself, and hence eliminating the possibility of taking one’s money and running from one’s country when things start going bad. An even better choice would be a stopwatch-like device that measures labour performed and directly converts this into money (which cannot even be used as toilet paper). Hitler himself was known for graphic visualizations of money in terms of labour time: “Since our advent to power we have replaced about five million people in the process of national production. This means that for every working day we have given to the German people an average of between thirty and forty million hours of work more than they previously had. This has been their salvation. It does not matter for what kind of production this working power has been employed in individual cases. Taken all in all, in one year we have given to the nation the fruits of about nine milliard hours of labour.” Obviously the danger of currency counterfeiting still exists and must be contended with by police departments as a criminal issue, but at least the danger of a foreign power flooding the market with valuable materials is eliminated.

“From the moment that I abandoned the gold standard, and while I still had large numbers of unemployed at my disposal, I had no financial problems. I had to support seven million whole-time and four million part-time unemployed. This necessitated a budget of five milliards. We should have saved many milliards of overseas expenditure if the Wehrmacht had from the beginning been content to accept our own synthetic and supplementary raw materials instead of insisting on importing from abroad.” – Adolf Hitler

Autarky is the foundation of living space.

The only test for whether autarky has been established is 100% reliance on national produce.

A National Socialist state must recognize no international laws applicable to its regime. No law exists in absence of law enforcement, therefore recognition of international law on national territory is tantamount to acknowledgement of an external law enforcer whose jurisdiction extends into national territory. A country which acknowledges such is already not a sovereign country, but an implicit colony of a foreign power. This is the point behind Hitler’s words: “I am not in the least willing to allow foreign statesmen to create a second Palestine right here in the heart of Germany.” Having said that, a National Socialist state must strive to uphold foreign relations based on honour and empathy. It must never consider a citizen of another country as a lower ethical priority than a citizen of its own country, but must mercilessly punish citizens of its own country who in any way mistreat citizens of other countries whether at home or abroad – not because it fears international condemnation for failing to do so, but because it genuinely wishes to provide justice for victims and to eliminate tribalism from within its own national body. The exception to this principle is if the foreign citizens are citizens of Israel any state which promotes tribalism among its own people, whereupon all violence towards them can be viewed as retaliatory and hence automatically ethical.

Further to the idea of retaliatory violence against tribalist states, it is entirely ethical – indeed it is a heroic duty – for a National Socialist state to capture the territory of Israel tribalist states for incorporation within its own domain, not as a colony, but as a direct territorial annexation under the exact same laws as the original territory applicable to all inhabitants, and with state initiatives (e.g. Lebensborn homes) to facilitate multiethnic integration according to bloodline quality based on Aryan standards. Children of annexed territories in particular are, unless suspected beyond reasonable doubt of carrying latent tribalist blood (see next section), to be given the opportunity to start fresh without identitarian baggage traditionally imposed on them by their parents (a policy which Zionist historians have spun as “Nazis stealing children”, as if children ever belonged to those who gave birth to them without their own consent). It is only unethical for a National Socialist state to capture the territory of other non-tribalist states.

National Socialist Germany (red), Third Reich (orange) (and Italian Empire (green)) 

“The larger the territory which a people has at its disposal the stronger are the national defences of that people. Military decisions are more quickly, more easily, more completely and more effectively gained against a people occupying a national territory which is restricted in area, than against States which have extensive territories. Moreover, the magnitude of a national territory is in itself a certain assurance that an outside Power will not hastily risk the adventure of an invasion; for in that case the struggle would have to be long and exhausting before victory could be hoped for. The risk being so great, there would have to be extraordinary reasons for such an aggressive adventure. Hence it is that the territorial magnitude of a State furnishes a basis whereon national liberty and independence can be maintained with relative ease; while, on the contrary, a State whose territory is small offers a natural temptation to the invader.” – Adolf Hitler

In this way, we envision a Pax Arya in which all tribalist (ie. “In Time”) states are eliminated, the universalist but non-heroic (ie. “Above Time”) states keep their rule over their original small territories, but it will be the universalist and heroic (ie. “Against Time”) states that rule larger territories and hence possess the strongest defences against invasion, deservedly on account of their demonstrated willingness to fight for their ideals.

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Real color photo of Hitler with Ferdinand Porsche in 1940

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