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National Socialist Basics-Part 7


“Defending against the Jewish danger is only part of our plan. When it becomes the only issue when National Socialism is discussed, that is Jewry’s fault, not ours.” – Joseph Goebbels

Many non-Jewish states throughout world history, including many with no other common ground with the National Socialist state, have attempted to deal with the Jewish problem. Therefore, while it is impossible by definition to be National Socialist without being actively anti-Zionist so long as there remains even one Jew alive anywhere in the world, state countermeasures against Jewish power do not on their own imply that the state is “National Socialist” (as overzealous surveyors have a tendency to call any state that is openly adversarial towards organized Jewry). Opposition to Jews can be based on numerous lines of reasoning, only a few of which are compatible with National Socialism. In general, any opposition to Jews intended as a way to advance the interests of one’s own (Gentile) group is incompatible with National Socialism. Only opposition to Jews viewed as pure duty – to the extent of readiness towards collective self-sacrifice if required to ensure the destruction of the enemy – can be compatible with National Socialism.

“One can hardly imagine a bolder, more outspoken world view than [Spinoza’s]; but his ethics would horrify a pig. ‘In all things seek that which is advantageous’ is the quintessence of his moral philosophy – the genuine Jewish viewpoint.” – Dietrich Eckart

“No one any longer will dare to suggest that we are speaking here only in our own interest. The German people has made sacrifices over the past five years because of its recognition of a danger to the world that entitle it to speak on this matter.” – Joseph Goebbels

As such, all serious National Socialists should possess at least moderate familiarity with Judaism, Jewish culture and Jewish history. Pedantic knowledge of details of Jewish law is not essential, but conceptual understanding of the broad principles underlying it is expected, so that one can see clearly its ongoing real-life applications in Jewish behaviour.

“The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer; it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: ‘I’ve been found out!’” – Joseph Goebbels

“The Jew … gradually came to form a State within a State. He came to look upon the commercial domain and all money transactions as a privilege belonging exclusively to himself and he exploited it ruthlessly. At this stage finance and trade had become his complete monopoly. … The cup of his iniquity became full to the brim when he included landed property among his commercial wares and degraded the soil to the level of a market commodity. Since he himself never cultivated the soil but considered it as an object to be exploited, on which the peasant may still remain but only on condition that he submits to the most heartless exactions of his new master, public antipathy against the Jew steadily increased and finally turned into open animosity. … Although public wrath flared up against this eternal profiteer and drove him out, after a few years he reappeared in those same places and carried on as before. No persecution could force him to give up his trade of exploiting other people and no amount of harrying succeeded in driving him out permanently. He always returned after a short time and it was always the old story with him.” – Adolf Hitler

Unlike many other enemies of Jewry who oppose Jews but do not necessarily oppose the teachings of Judaism, National Socialists are utterly appalled by Judaism first, and oppose Jews only because we consider them to be Judaism made flesh. We reject and condemn in the strongest terms the false notion, popular among Jew-aware Judeo-Christians and sundry right-wingers, that Judaism refers only to so-called “rabbinical Judaism” while the Tanakh is somehow not part of Judaism(!). Instead, we maintain that one cannot credibly call oneself anti-Zionist unless one opposes the Tanakh (from which the term “Zion” itself originates).

“All Jews have good reason to celebrate Luther and to ignore his anti-Semitism. Without intending to do so, he paved the way for them, and how! The more they extol his authority, the less the world notices his error.” – Adolf Hitler

“The Jew Goldmann stated their reason plainly enough. ‘Luther has again brought the Old Testament to honor.’ … Even Luther was taken in by the ‘chosen people’. He looked upon the Old Testament as divine revelation. He approached the book with infatuation, convinced that it could contain nothing but sheer preciousness.” – Dietrich Eckart

“He saw the Jews as we have only begun to see them today. But, unfortunately, too late, and even then not there, where he had done the most damage – in Christianity. Oh, had he only seen them there; had he only seen them in his youth! Then … instead of glorifying the Old Testament, he would have branded it as the arsenal of the Antichrist.” – Adolf Hitler

This is not to say that National Socialists consider Jewishness merely to be a matter of religion, for we believe that Jews manifest Judaism racially as well as religiously as a consequence of thousands of years of continuous selective pressure in favour of heritable traits compatible with Judaism, since Jews being extreme racists have always resisted integration into the societies in which they lived. Therefore a Jew who professes renunciation of Judaism has not necessarily ceased to be a Jew. (It could well be that such a Jew is transitioning towards crypto-Jewishness.) Hitler expressed his exasperation towards those among his contemporaries who believed Jewishness was merely religious: “If the worst came to the worst a few drops of baptismal water would settle the matter, hereupon the Jew could still carry on his business safely. … It looked more and more as if the whole movement was a new attempt to proselytize the Jews.” If any individual of known Jewish blood heritage wishes us to believe he is not a Jew, he must not only renounce Judaism but also voluntarily refrain from reproducing, thereby showing serious commitment towards phasing out racial as well as religious Jewishness from existence.

But by far the most poisonous idea popular among far-right organized Gentile movements – mostly those that want their own Gentile ethnostates – is that only diaspora Jews are the problem, while Israel is not a problem at all (or is even something positive!). In contrast, National Socialists are avowedly anti-Israel, as Hitler explains: “They have not the slightest intention of building up a Jewish state in Palestine so as to live in it. What they really are aiming at is to establish a central organization for their international swindling and cheating. As a sovereign state, this cannot be controlled by other states. Therefore it can serve as a refuge for swindlers who have been found out and at the same time a school for the training of other swindlers.” This does not mean that we ignore or tolerate diaspora Jews, but it is strategically obvious that dealing with diaspora Jews will be immeasurably easier after taking out their base first so as to cut off their retreat. The far-right alternative plan, which consists of keeping Israel and pressuring all current diaspora Jews to move there, is not only inexcusably cruel to the Palestinians and other inhabitants of the region, but also fantastically impractical. In addition to unrealistically presuming that every diaspora Jew can even be successfully identified by non-Jews (ignoring the sheer number of crypto-Jews in the world, not least those infiltrated into leadership positions within the far-right itself), it underestimates the ongoing advances in Israeli  technology (ignoring that Jews surpass non-Jews in average IQ by at least one standard deviation, not to mention that Israel (via crypto-Jewish spies) has access to new technological developments in most countries around the world while the rest of the world has no access to new technological developments in Israel) that could eventually leave Israel so far ahead of the rest of the world in military technology that Jews could one day conquer the planet just by pressing a button. Each day we procrastinate in taking out Israel, we reduce our chances of success when we eventually try.

If only….. (Also, in my opinion, the old Beetle looks better anyway.)

With all this said, the final distinguishing feature of National Socialists towards Jews is our immovable Aryan principle of fair treatment of indviduals based on their own behaviour alone, which includes individuals of Jewish ancestry no less than any other. Many of the concentration camps into which Jews were placed by National Socialist Germany were (contrary to Zionist Allied propaganda) remarkable for the level of comfort they offered their residents, including swimming pools, sports grounds, libraries, theatres and other amenities comparable to those typically found in holiday camps. The actual function of the so-called “gas chambers” was to maintain laundry hygeine among the contained population. As carriers of Jewish blood, they had to be quarantined in the same way as any other group carrying a genetic disease must be quarantined in order to prevent the disease from perpetuating and spreading; as people, it was never National Socialist policy to sanction mistreating them for the sake of mistreating them, nor will it be under our future administration. All Jews who refuse to surrender their Jewishness will have their citizenship removed and be imprisoned for conspiracy to treason based on their membership in a secret society (which is what Jewry is, technically speaking). On the other hand, all individuals of Jewish ancestry who renounce Judaism, and who voluntarily refrain from reproducing, and who have no record of ignoble behaviour otherwise, will be guaranteed by the National Socialist state the privilege to live out the remainder of their lives in safety and dignity as quarantined citizens (ie. medical inpatients, not criminal prisoners), and to moreover receive posthumous recognition as Aryans. In particular, young children of Jewish parents will receive every possible kindness that it is within the ability of National Socialist state to offer them, for they are the first and most innocent victims of Jewish identity. And Jewish parents will surely receive from us less punishment than they deserve for their incalculable evil (inflicted both upon the world by reproducing, and upon their own children by giving birth to them and rearing them as Jews), because even endless torture in hell would not be retribution enough for them. They will, however, be sentenced by the National Socialist state to the maximum punishment physically devisable on a low budget.

(All these principles established for dealing with Jews also hypothetically apply to dealing with heritably tribalistic Gentile groups (and their religions) as may unfortunately arise in future.)

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National Socialism in Bulgaria and Moldova?


By Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The simple fact is that the New World Order is not all powerful. They are made up of deeply flawed, albeit wealthy, men and women that have become far too used to not hearing from any real opposition. In China, Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, the Philippines, the US and as of yesterday, Bulgaria and Moldova, this opposition has defeated the oligarchs.


Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

The oligarchs today are weak, their institutions are deeply in debt and the world’s banks are also in serious trouble. The US military, nothing more than a mercenary army for Goldman-Sachs, is overstretched, exhausted and deserting in ever increasing numbers. In reaction to this various parties around the world are now pivoting toward a Nationalist stance and the political platforms of the Socialist Parties of Bulgaria and Moldova are explicitly National Socialist or “Patriotic” socialist.
For example the Moldavian Socialist Party’s platform in Moldova says this:

From the Socialist (Communist) Party of Moldova’s Program:

“The faith of the Orthodox is one of the pillars of the identity of the Moldovan tradition and we consider it as imperative to retain it as a moral support of society, of the shield against the the spread of faggotry (педерастией), pedophilia and other sexual perversions as well as a bulwark against the degradation of the spiritual and moral state of the youth” (Russian translation by Dr Johnson).


The President elect of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has said this:

“Americans have elected a strong president, a conservative proponent of Christian values, advocating friendly relations with Russia. Trump’s victory has led liberal American citizens to riot, which [continues to erode] the foundations of American society. Americans understand the need to preserve the values and traditions of their land and the need to promote a less-aggressive policy in the world, especially as concerns Russia.”

Victory is in sight, but one fear is that we do not have enough people, institutions or stability to take proper advantage of the situation.

Listen to an in depth insight into the situation(be patient,there is a long  lead in monologue) by the Orthodox Nationalist at the link below.


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