George Lincoln Rockwell Interviewed on the George Pyne Show


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Last, but not least, post of the day. Happy belated birthday to Erwin Rommel, Born November 15 1891


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SS-Obersturmbannführer Hans Collani with his wife Elisabeth and daughter Ingeborg in 1943. At this time he lead the Finnisches Freiwilligen-Bataillon der Waffen-SS attached to the elite Wiking Division until mid-1943. He then commanded SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 49 “De Ruyter” of the 23rd until he died on 29 July 1944 on Narva front. Collani was awarded posthumously the Knight’s Cross for his bravery and leadership during the battles on Narva River.

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Saint Ursula Charged Again


Ursula Haverbeck, 88 was sentenced to 2-and-a-half years for articles she penned referring to the ‘Auschwitz lie’ and claimed the extermination camp was actually a labor camp; showing no signs of remorse or of retracting her beliefs, Haverbeck said she would appeal her conviction of holocaust denial.

The DPA news agency reported that in her closing statement in Verden District Court on Monday, 88-year-old German author Ursula Haverbeck talked of the “Auschwitz lie” and said the infamous death camp was actually a labor camp where nobody was killed by gas.

Haverbeck has been charged with Holocaust denial—which a crime in Germany—over the content of several articles she wrote for the Voice of the Reich magazine. She was sentenced for two and a half years in prison, , but is showing no signs of changing her views.

Haverbeck said she would appeal her conviction.

She is currently free as she appeals other convictions from courts in Detmold and Lueneburg.

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French court slaps $15,000 fine on admirer of quasi-Nazi salute


(JTA) — A French court fined and gave a suspended prison sentence to a man who disseminated a picture of a quasi-Nazi salute being performed at a Jewish school.

On Wednesday, the Toulouse Appeals Court hit Noel Gerard with a $15,000 fine and a six-month suspended term for incitement to hatred.

In 2014, he shared a picture on social media of a man performing the salute known as the quenelle in front of the Ohr Hatorah school, where in 2012 a jihadist killed a rabbi and three children, the news site 20minutes reported.

The quenelle is promoted by the anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, whose critics say it is a variant of the Nazi salute designed to express admiration for the murder of Jews without incurring the punishment reserved in the French penal code for doing so.

French courts rarely hand out prison sentences, even suspended ones, and such heavy fines on actions like the one committed by Gerard.

Gerard, 34, who is known in online anti-Semitic circles as “Joe le Corbeau” — French for “Joe Crow” — was arrested in 2014 near Marseille in southern France.

The photo, which surfaced on social networks, showed a young man wearing sunglasses performing the quenelle while standing in front of the school’s entrance. He wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the portrait of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The same man, who has not been identified, according to 20minutes, also posed in front of the apartment of Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old Islamist who attacked the school two days before police killed him in a shootout at his apartment.

Gerard was arrested more than a month after the photo surfaced because social networks did not immediately agree to cooperate with the police request for information about the suspect, France3 reported in 2014.

Advocates of the quenelle say it is not anti-Semitic but anti-establishment. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called it “an anti-Semitic gesture of hate,” echoing a position held by the CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities and organizations.

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“Italy is for Italians”: Angry Villagers Take to Streets in Protest at Influx of Non-White Migrants

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets to vent their anger in the wake of plans to house more than 100 migrants in a small Italian town.

About 700 people, armed with banners and flags, marched in Soave, Italy, against the move as thousands of migrants arrive in the country after being rescued at sea.

Small towns like Soave have largely avoided housing migrants so far but are now having to address the issue after record numbers of people arrived in the country.

A record 27,500 migrants arrived in October alone, bringing the total to almost 160,000 people this year.

The demonstration saw hundreds marching under torchlight in the town, home to 7,000 people, in the province of Verona.

Protesters were seen carrying banners emblazoned “Verona for Veronese” and reportedly chanting “Italy for Italians”.

The latest show of opposition comes after mafia bosses allegedly “declared war” on migrants after a man was shot in the head as a deadly turf war broke out with African crime gangs in Palermo earlier this year.

The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando said at the time: “Palermo is no longer an Italian town. It is no longer European. You can walk in the city and feel like you’re in Istanbul or Beirut.

“The Mafia has not understood that the city has changed. We are now a city of immigrants, and the Mafia bosses no longer sit in the mayor’s chair.

“Palermo is a Middle Eastern town in Europe. It is a mosaic city and we are happy about that.”

However, the growing discontent comes as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who has threatened to veto the EU’s budget, continues to battle with eurocrats over their lack of action over the migrant crisis in Italy.

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“We are Latvians!” – Nationalist Torchlight Procession in Riga

Thousands of people took to the streets of the Latvian capital of Riga to take part in a torchlight parade organized by the National Alliance party to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Latvian state.

While about 2,000 people indicated that they intended to attend the event on its Facebook page, Latvia’s LETA news agency reports that the actual number was much higher. The National Alliance, the nationalist party that organized the event, put the number of participants at 17,000.

At the same time, some witnesses said on Twitter that the number of people participating in the procession reached 15,000. The event was largely attended by Latvia’s youth, as well as people in military uniforms without insignias, but elderly people and families with children were also seen among the attendees.

The demonstrators gathered near a monument to Karlis Ulmanis, a controversial Latvian leader from the pre-World War II era who is seen as a dictator by leftist Latvians and a prominent politician by the right. A hard rock band called ‘Livi’, which is known for its nationalist and anti-Soviet views, gave a concert by the statue.

The event was also attended by the leader of the nationalist All for Latvia! group, Raivis Dzintars, who is also a member of a National Socialist group called the Daugavas Vanagi (the Daugava Hawks), which calls itself an organization of former Waffen SS Legion veterans. Dzintars gave a speech at the gathering.

The people then marched to Latvia’s Freedom Monument bearing burning torches while chanting “We are Latvians!” Some people came to the event with their own lamps, although the organizers provided thousands of specially prepared torches for those who didn’t.

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