National Socialist Basics-Part 8


“It was the noblest of ideas to which a German could give all his strength. It made the German nation a gift of unity, it gave the German Reich a new content. It was a social philosophy and an ideal of blood-conditioned cultural cleanliness. National Socialism was misused, and in the end demoralized, by men to whom its creator had most fatefully given his confidence. The collapse of the Reich is historically linked with this. But the idea itself was action and life, and that cannot and will not be forgotten. As other great ideas knew heights and depths, so National Socialism too will be reborn someday in a new generation steeled by sorrow.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Although National Socialist Germany was destroyed in WWII, the spiritual energy which animated it during its brief run in history has remained resplendent in the post-WWII world. Focus on charismatic pop culture icons became part of collective psychology in a way it had never been prior to WWII. Every field of mass entertainment media – literature, music, drama, and more – anomalously and dazzlingly flourished, with one masterpiece rolling out after another so seemingly effortlessly that their beauty was indeed often taken for granted by their contemporary consumers. Vigorous Jewish attempts to steer artistic direction towards hedonistic nihilism did not succeed for long; by the closing decades of the 20th century, heroic characters and romantic themes had retaken centre-stage in the world of pop culture. (“Wagner wanted this: an art as religion. … He did not say in a state of collapse: I no longer understand the world. Rather, he wished to create another world. … Even if the people of our times felt themselves estranged from the forms of the Bayreuth idea or unsympathetic to it, this idea has been the real source of life in the midst of a barbaric time.” – Alfred Rosenberg) Jews peddled egalitarianism to non-Jews in real-life, but pop culture icons became increasingly larger-than-life examples of sparkling individual personality (typically in defiance of identity, by the way). Jews peddled sexual promiscuity to non-Jews in real-life, but pop culture increasingly celebrated pure, chaste, devoted and often unfulfilled love (frequently in defiance of tradition, by the way). Jews peddled moral relativism to non-Jews in real-life, but pop culture increasingly extolled the absolute moral beauty of justified vengeance and overdue retribution (especially against tribalists, by the way). Unable to stop these trends, just as they had been unable to stop Christianity 2000 years ago, Jews then duplicitously switched to claiming credit for them(!) – and neo-Nazis believe this(!!) – based on the beyond-ludicrous assertion that these trends were inspired by sympathy for the supposed Jewish victims of the alleged “Holocaust”. No, they were not. These trends were inspired by sympathy for the worldwide victims of 500 horrific years of post-Renaissance Western civilization, and – though most who felt this way were unaware of this – for the world’s greatest champion against it: Hitler himself. Sensing the sheer nearness of his Arhat personality from the earth-shattering impact it had made only a few decades earlier, people with Aryan blood memory yearned for it as an avatar for their idealism, but believed the Zionist lies about “the Nazis” and therefore never knew that his was the personality whom they sought, thus turned to pop culture icons as imaginary substitutes.


This is the only narrative that accounts for the rise of National Socialism and the development of post-WWII pop culture trends not as distinct phenomena, but as two forms of the same phenomenon: UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. The 19th century Romantic movement in art gathered the energy for National Socialism in politics during the early 20th century (a point which Hitler explicitly acknowledged by crediting the influence of Wagner on his movement). With its political outlet attenuated by defeat in war, this energy was then recycled back into art by the late 20th century, coming full-circle. But the narrative need not end here. It is now the 21st century. Countries around the world today desperately need this energy to inspire politics again in order to unify societies that have become more divided than ever before. And if it receives it, it will be from us. Not just because we hold the correct historical narrative, but because we are so sure that we do that we are willing to pick it up from where Hitler left it off and prove it to the world.

Are you with us?

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Deborah Lipstadt On The Alt-Right

This fraudster  needs no introduction. Evey one who reads this website has seen Eric Hunt’s slam dunk debunk of the recent hit piece movie on the infamous David Irving trial, so it will come as no surprise that she was recently interviewed on the Jewish media NPR. I found her statements about free speech to so perfectly telling of both the hypocrisy and self absorbed dream state these people are in.

Trump and his team are so very far away from being National Socialist or even Alt-Right but the low information listener needs to be very very afraid.

Listen or read transcript, below,  and understand that we should be thanking this crack-pot because everything they do in their attempt to discredit our movement or peddle the false narrative is blowing up in their faces. The truth cares not about name calling or mental gymnastic explanation to it’s contrary because Occam’s razor slices right through the paper thin facade of moral and emotional high ground.

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