The only photo I have ever seen of a glum looking Goebbels.

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I’ve posted hundreds photos of this man and this is probably the rarest of them all. A candid photo of Hitler leaving the Hotel Dreesen in Bad Godesberg in 1934. The photo was discovered in 2012 in the papers of Fray Dreesen.

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Never So Defiant and Proud – The New Mythos



Aryan Emperium Part 2 – In this show Chris speaks of The New Mythos. The reawakening of the Aryan Soul. We can save ourselves and rise once more through spiritual conviction. Our past is hidden from us and our culture, but it still resides within us, within our race memory. Aryan blood is the Holy Grail.

Topics include:

*The Aryan Soul – Civilization – Culture – Hollow Earth – Aldebaran – Vril
*Jewish “Culture” / The new human culture – Grey Demons – The system of evil
*Fake “History” – Iztoria (From the Torah) – Scaliger – Formenko
*Adolf Hitler – The Avatar – Kalki – The 10th Avatar
*German Genocide – Aryan Genocide
*National Socialism “Nazi” – Witch hunt – Magic – Revisionism
*Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi, Alfred Rosenberg – The New Mythos
*Ancient? Giant Silica Trees – Trovants – Living Rock
*Legal Fiction and The World
*Vedic Pre-Russian Myths – The Grand Tartary – Vedas – India
*Germany – The Great Venea – Europe – Myths – Gods – 4th Reich
*Japan – China – Aryan Elite
*British Empire – Jewish Empires – Russia – Monarchy
*New Age – Pleaidians – Channeling – Mediums -The Veil – Greys
*Nature – Purity – Gorsleben – Racial Pride – Human Races
*Russian Genocide – “History” – The Grand Tartary
*Save The Children!’

Tune in  to the Telefunken ANS radio below for the long awaited second installment of this fantastic series.


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