Boots That Leave Swastika Footprints Everywhere


When Reddit user FRSHFSHFCKR purchased new boots for work, he didn’t think to check out the soles. It was only after he was walking around in his new boots that he realized he was leaving teeny, tiny swastikas everywhere he stepped.

FRSHFSHFCKR posted side-by-side images of his boots and boot footprints on Imgur. “There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots,” he wrote on Reddit.

The boots, if you’re curious, can be found on Amazon here.


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Munich Then And Now

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Nationalist Front Street Action

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Bad weather. Attack is relentless.There is no Airlift today. No Planes. No flights. No supplies delivered.

The Germans are suffering enormous casualties. The 76th Division, for example, was now reduced from its pre-Stalingrad strength of 10,000 men to now only 600. The Russians are advancing easily.

Since 25 November 1942 until today, 24,910 wounded soldiers have left the Stalingrad pocket by plane. Also, the Luftwaffe Airlift has only averaged bringing in 105 tons per day even though a minimum of at least 550 tons a day was needed.

In the City Ruins, the Germans adopted a simple defense of fixing wire nets over all windows to protect themselves from grenades. The Soviets responded by fixing fish hooks to the grenades so they stuck to the nets when thrown.



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