12 Jan 1916


German aces Osward Boelcke and Max Immelmann were awarded the Pour le Mérite, Germany’s highest decoration for military bravery. At the time both lieutenants had eight aerial victories.


The Pour le Mérite Order  was an award given out by the Prussian nobility to military personnel that deserved recognition. Later on, the order was expanded to include artistic and scientific achievements as well for both military and non-military people. The award lasted until the end of World War One when Kaiser Wilhelm was forced to leave his office of leadership and Germany was forced to take blame for a war they did not start. The award gained modern fame under the nickname of the Blue Max when Max Immelmann the first German pilot received the prized recognition award during the early part of World War One. And later there was also a fictional movie about a pilot winning the Blue Max. The award was no longer given after the First World War since the noble family that awarded it was no longer in power and many people today erroneously think that it was given out in World War 2 by the NSDAP government.




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