Saar status referendum, 1935


A referendum on territorial status was held in the Territory of the Saar Basin on 13 January 1935. Over 90% voters opted for reunification with Germany, with 9% voting for the status quo as a League of Nations mandate territory and less than 0.5% opting for unification with France.


After Imperial Germany’s defeat in World War I, the Treaty of Versailles made the Saarland an autonomous territory to be administered by France until 1935 when a plebiscite would determine its final status. This reflected the general principle of national self-determination employed by the Allies after the War. The Versailles and other treaties which ended the War did not determine the final disposition of several territories. This was left to a series of plebiscites. The plebiscites when they went against the Germans did not make them any more palatle to German public opinion. There were areas in which plebiscites did not decide the issue. Austria was specifically prohibited from uniting with Germny. In addition, Germans in the Polish Corridor (Poland), the Sudetenlnd (Czechoslovakia), and eastern Belgium were left outside the Reich. The French hoped that they might be able to permanently separate this small territory from Germany.

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