Because We Love, Haters Loathe US


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WordPress Censors This Site

Followers of American Nationalist Socialist, I write to convey my frustration and concerns. After this site was down for a short time it has become once again available to me but without it’s Swastika Honor Flag backdrop image. I suspect my recent activity in promoting the page has attracted  the attention of true haters. Those to weak to face their advisories in debate or simply turn away and focus on their own propaganda, but rather work to shut down free speech in the land of the brave with censorship. I pay for this URL and am preparing to confront the host  in order to receive written explanation for violating this American  National Socialist’s right to share a political, historical and cultural world view , expressed with an appreciation of the NSDAP.

I am prepared to loose this site, it would not be the first time, but this time I make  ready for litigation and am searching for a new host as WordPress is clearly trying to control free speech, our most sacred god given right.

Regardless of the outcome I wake up every morning more excited than the one before because the red pill, that greatest story never told is spreading like an unstoppable wildfire. I say now and will always say, “Sieg Heil”.

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