We have all seen those gruesome images of emaciated concentration camp inmates described as ‘Holocaust TM survivors’. Some of these images were indeed those of victims of various diseases known to have existed in the camps –especially toward the end of the war as conditions deteriorated. Some others are straight-up fakes; and others may even have been images of Germans who were placed in the camps and starved after the war’s end. Who can say for sure which photos represent which situation?

But one thing we can say with absolute certainty is that there are numerous images, from numerous internment camps, which reveal happy and healthy inmates at the time of liberation. Indeed, a few of them look downright chubby! In addition to the over-abundance of other evidence to refute the Holohoax, these images add a final finishing touch – a death blow to the fairy tale of “extermination camps”. It simply defies all logic and reason to suggest that the Germans would fatten inmates who were destined for “zee gass chambers”. 

The fact that so many inmates “survived” is more than enough evidence to debunk the Holohoax — but the added fact that they were well fed and sheltered, even toward the very end, makes the tale laughable. The following collection of liberation photos speaks for itself. Note the healthy bodies and some of the happy faces. Of course, we would expect the liberated inmates of a detention camp to smile — but not the traumatized inmates of an “extermination camp” where mass murder and torture were said to have occurred on a daily basis. No sir. Those joyous smiles are out of place, as are the waistlines!


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