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What’s this racing up a storm?
The Hitler Youth four-boy race!
Gallop! Gallop! It’s the final lap!
Each boy knows:
In games, as in life, the winner is
Only he who keeps going to the end!
Heil Hitler!

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Stained Glass


This is one panel of stained glass windows in a building in the town of Buchholz that commemorated Nazi history. The first four frames have lines from the Horst Wessel Song: “Raise high the Flag! Close the Ranks! / The S.A. is marching with calm and steadfast step / Millions already look to the swastika, full of hope. / The day of freedom and prosperity is near. / Heil Hitler!”


Memorial to German soldiers fallen in World War I in a memorial chapel in the town of Bayerbach, Bavaria, Germany. The stained glass window by local artist Franz Xaver Kurlander from nearby Passau.






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