Artwork of German Hardship and Soldierly Struggle by Franz Eichhorst

Franz Eichhort (1888 – 1948) was a German painter, illustrator, and engraver. He is best known for his World War II paintings. After his voluntary service in World War I as part of the Imperial Navy, he set up a home studio and created relatively austere paintings of the rural folk of Germany. He became a teacher of drawing at the Berlin Academy of Art in 1935, then became a mural painting instructor in 1936. In 1938 he created a monumental mural, spanning the 4 walls in Bürgersaal in the town of Berlin-Schöneberg, titled German epic: From the beginning of World War II up to the national survey. The Face of a Young German fresco brought him much acclaim. In this same year Adolf Hitler would bestow upon Eichhort the title of Professor. In 1939 he and sculptor Arno Breker received The Medal of Fine Arts. Eichhorst would be very successful throughout the war years, creating scenes from the front lines, particularly in Russia and Poland. Over 50 of his paintings were displayed at the Great German Art Exhibit in Munich, and a good number also purchased by Adolf Hitler. Eichhorst died in Innsbruck in 1948. Unfortunately much of his work was destroyed or looted when Germany was overrun, though Memory of Stalingrad was found in 2012 in a small Czech town.


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