It’s that time again …

By Carolyn Yeager

The 4th Annual Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative is celebrated on Friday, January 27.

This year’s theme is “Exploring the Origins of the Auschwitz Legend.” As the media continues to huff and puff in support of the United Nations-created “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust” (a resolution that was pushed through the UN general assembly by Israel in 2005 with only a voice vote), the reality is that the ‘gas chamber’ stories have long been exposed as fabrications.

For that reason, it was past time for revisionists to create their own day of recognition, not for the victims of imaginary gas chambers, but for those courageous researchers and truth-tellers who went up against these organized lies in the past, and continue to do so today.

Go to the website to help us celebrate this special day. Read the latest offerings, view some videos, and leave a comment. We also encourage your support by talking up the site and the articles, especially to those not yet in the know. If you have a website or blog, or participate on forums, post this notice, or one you’ve made yourself, to bring attention to this 4th Annual Commemoration and link to the website Especially now and during the next few days.


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Joseph Goebbels Speech: Our Hitler (04/20/1945)

Read full speech here-

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May Posterity Remember Our Sacrifice

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I’m With Him


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Dr Wilhelm Harster


Dr. Wilhelm Harster, born  21 July 1904,  finished high school studies in Munich in 1922 and spent the next five years studying law.  In 1927 gained his doctorate degree in Criminal Law from University of Munich and then joined the Munich police, transferring  in 1929  to KRIPO. Harster  joined the SS on 9 November 1933 with the serial number of 225,932. He joined the Sicherheitsdienst or SD on 29 October 1935 and Rapid promotion saw him an Obersturmbannführer by 01.08.1938, and two years later a Standartenführer.

From 1938 to 1939 he was Chief of Gestapo in Innsbrück, Austria.

On 19.07.1940, as a Standartenführer, he was sent to Holland as the senior SD commander (BdS) based in The Hague. He remained there until 20.08.1943 when he was transferred in the same role to Italy, responsible to Karl Woolfe.

He was promoted to Brigadeführer in early 1944 and Gruppenführer early 1945.

He was captured in Belzano, Italy on 10.05.1945. He was transferred to London for interrogation in 1946. He was the handed over to the Dutch authorities in 1949. They tried him for war crimes and sentenced him to twelve years in prison for his part in deporting Dutch Jews.

He was released in 1953 and returned to Munich to work until he was re-arrested by German Police in Munich for the same thing. He was sentenced to 15 years with time off for that already served. He was pardoned in 1969 for the remorse he had shown during his trial.

He died in 1991.



Harster, Karl Maria Demelhuber, Erich Deppner & Hanns Rauter

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