Stalingrad Situation Report 29 January 1943 Escape or Die

The south pocket is split, leaving army headquarters in a small enclave in the south and the remnants of LI and VIII Corps in the north. By now, some commanders are taking it upon themselves to end the killing.

General der Infanterie Walter von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, commander of the LI Army Corps, has repeatedly asked for General Paulus’ permission to surrender during this last week of January. Now that his pleas have been refused, he is ordering his troops to expend all of their ammunition, making any further resistance impossible.

January 29 is seeing the final destruction of the XIV Panzer Corps and further reduction of the German pocket. XIV Panzer Corps has ceased to exist on this day so Generalleutnant Helmuth Schloemer is surrendering with his remaining troops.

Throughout the day, 109 Junker-52 and Heinkel 111 are dropping 108.9 tons of food, ammunition, and medical supplies. By now, the meager rations of the Sixth Army are being given only to those capable of fighting, leaving nothing to sustain the wounded, and the command structure within the pocket has almost completely collapsed.

Tonight ten small groups are departing in an attempt to make their way west across almost 200 miles of enemy territory.



The captured


staligrad dead.PNG

The dead, gone but not forgotten.

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