卐 Nationalsozialistische Umerziehung 卐 (National-Socialist Reeducation)

With all the controversy raging over health-care reform in the United States, we are pleased to present a plan far superior to anything currently being discussed,    a plan meeting all optimal criteria, one whose soundness was demonstrated through practical implementation in a very remarkable society.* It was simple, uncomplicated and straightforward, and one didn’t have to be a rocket scientist or Philadelphia lawyer to figure it out. As such, it serves today as a model for white people everywhere.

NO GERMAN UNDER HITLER had to worry about the expense of getting sick or injured. Under National-Socialism there was affordable, noninflationary, universal health care.

No weaseling, chiseling HMOs. No welching under the government of Adolf Hitler, which made the health and well-being of its citizens a top priority!

German hospitals offered the finest care and had the most modern equipment, surpassing that in the United States and other Western countries.


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