Lukov March in Sofia’2017


February 18, 2017, was held the annual Lukov March organized by Bulgarian National Union. The march is targeted because of the commemoration of the hero of World War I and one of the founders of the Union of Bulgarian National Legions Hristo Lukov, who was killed nearby his own house by communist partisans on February 13, 1943. This year, two thousand people took part in the march. Nationalist delegations from different [Western] European countries and Poland were present as well.

From the very beginning of the event, local authorities and police tried to prevent holding the march. The mayor of Sofia Jordanka Fandykova prohibited the march justifying it by presence of the “extremists from abroad.” Nevertheless, Fandykova did not object to the arrival of Greek and German left-radical organizations which protested against the march together with Bulgarian leftists. Apart from local authorities, embassies of Israel, the USA and the Russian Federation had the same attitude. Before the manifestation, the police blocked the square where it was scheduled to start and conducted a strict search and seizure using even a breathalyzer.


Despite the obstacles, Lukov March started at 6 pm, initially divided in two parts by the police. Manifestation ended at Hristo Lukov’s house where organizers and foreign representatives delivered their speeches. Participants laid flowers at the memorial plaque and sang the song glorifying Hristo Lukov.


It is worth adding that organizers of the march made efforts to provide a pan-European character of the event, as evidenced by the presence of different nationalist delegations from Sweden (Nordic Resistance Movement), Germany (Der Dritte Weg, Die Rechte), France [and others: Italy, Croatia, Spain, Hungary]. Polish delegation consisted of various Polish nationalist organizations. There was also a transparent with a slogan “Defend Europe” written in different languages.







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  1. Poland: The artificial state that instigated WWII with her All Lies – Britain and America. See David L Hoggan’s “The Forced War”, and of course the Fuhrer’s Speeches regards the warmongering actions of Poland that plunged all of Europe into war….Poland is an artificial state that is largely responsible for causing the war the destroyed most of Europe….One could argue, rather well, that the creation of the Polish state is what destroyed Europe….

  2. Agreed. It would seem that they are finally getting there heads straight. Years of living under Communist rule and with the information available today has made many Poles into strong advocates for Nationalism. In my recent post, The Bad War, David Duke and Mike King discuss the Polish part of WW2 at length. It has always been my belief that the Poles where victims of their leaders and I know Polish Americans will never get it, but it is my hope that those in Poland are at least starting too.

  3. Yes, well, the victims were the Germans that the Polish murdered in the lead up to WWII, that was instigated by the false state of Poland and her All Lies…The Poles were so cowardly that they did not even declare war first in an open and honest manner, they just went about their dastardly deeds in a cowardly manner ….And the same goes for America, and even worse in that respect…Perhaps Mr King and Mr Duke could talk about that?

    According to their religion, that they follow, there is no salvation without repentance…..OK, they are right in pointing out it was a “bad war”, so repentance is in order and that negates American and Polish Nationalism…

  4. One could say that the Polish Nationalists were the catalyst for WWII. The war that destroyed Europe could not have begun without the Polish Nationalists. So Polish Nationalism is not something to be celebrated. And as for Bulgaria, they betrayed Germany by not taking part in Operation Barbarossa…

  5. But I would concede that this is a moot point, because only a few dozen people in the world will read this anyway.

  6. I believe the spirit Hitler can set all Aryans free by lifting the veil and exposing the parasite Jew. I do not see the point in a purity spiral for nations who are working toward freeing them selves of traitorous leaders. Clearly White Nationalist face the biggest obstacles due to demographics and an upside down narrative but we do not give up when we finally come to the truth, rather we fight. A few dozen today , millions tomorrow.

    • I would agree with you there, the White Nationslists face some big obstacles. My view is that Nationalism is impossible, anywhere, with a defeated and conquered Fatherland. Hitler’s view was that without strong German Nation, all nations will simply disintergrate. That view has been proven to be true.

  7. Again agreed, and that is why I spend most of my free time( when not earning a wage) making propaganda for the “Dozens of people” who might come across this site and living every moment to the standards of those whom inspire me. I lived in Germany and along with all the positive life experience I was deeply saddened by the paralyzing guilt 98% of Germans carry, so I moved to Rome for a while where I befriended Italians who are not ashamed , but rather passionate about their Fascist past. I am a man with a mission and I believe it is the same as yours, that being that there is no future for anyone without the redemption of Hitler and the NSDAP .

  8. Sieg Heil!

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