Between The Sensual and The Heroic: The Sculptures of Fritz Klimsch

Fritz Klimsch was one of those artists who became highly regarded during the Third Reich era. His sculptures were not as monumental as those created by either Josef Thorak or Arno Breker but it seems they have endured much longer in the German urban landscape after all these years that the ones created by the two latter artists. One can still find some of Klimsch’s sculptures today in public places, works such as Olympia (1937), Eva (1934), In Wind und Sonne (1936), Die Schauende (1937) and Nymphe am Wasser (c.1931) the last one can be found in the artist’s native Frankfurt. They have become part of what I call the ‘Invisible Germany’. How many people must have admired these works of art without even realizing they actually come from that time period in history. Regardless these statues still remain there, as silent witnesses of another era long gone.

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George Lincoln Rockwell


Born on the 9th of March, yesterday was  the 99th birthday of commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. This is a figure that every Nationalist can draw inspiration from.

While there’s much to be learned from the lives of Hitler or Mussolini, they lived in a very different world than what we have today; their societies weren’t completely Jewed in the way America is. They still had strong men and national pride.

In that sense, Rockwell’s life speaks to modern people much more directly than former great men who fought for Western civilization. He faced many of the same issues we face today, and fought the same forces that oppose us as well.

The American Nazi Party was the origin point for a lot of the movements and organizations that upheld the torch of radical nationalism in America. William Pierce of the National Alliance, Joseph Tomassi of the NSLF and James Mason of Universal Order were all members of Rockwell’s group at some point or other.

Their first order of business? Picketing President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower’s White House with signs reading “SAVE IKE FROM THE KIKEs.” Their second order of business? Securing swastika armbands, and brown shirts.

His studies in marketing gave him a keen understanding of human psychology and the use of propaganda to affect the masses. He used this understanding to great effect, taking the American media by storm . He regularly shocked radio host with Holocaust revision during interviews along with good old fashion common sense, natural law, and the facts to back it up. When college campuses still had free speech George Lincoln Rockwell was speaking in auditoriums full to capacity . Confrontation with ideas and a white perspective was  the mission and no audience was deemed unworthy as we see with his address at the  Nation of Islam Conference in 1961.



He popularize the slogan “white power.” Rockwell would later use that slogan for the name of both the American Nazi Party’s newspaper and for his own book.

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