Great Room in the Berghof before any furniture or carpets where placed inside. Photo by Eva Braun.

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Michael Karkoc -The Latest Victim of Jewish Hysteria


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the persecution of Michael Karkoc for this week’s broadcast of The Orthodox Nationalist.

Michael Karkoc is a 98 year old American citizen accused of “Nazi war crimes.” He has Alzheimers, yet he is being accused of “participating” in the suppression of the Warsaw uprising in July of 1944. While the Allied bombers destroyed civilian centers in Japan and Germany, the Polish government is arguing that the suppression of a riot is a crime. The main driving force behind this is not Jewish, but Attorney Robert Janicki, head of the Main Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Polish Nation.

The Polish indictment reads: “On 23rd July 1944, Karkoc’s company was responsible for the ‘pacification’ of villages in the Lublin region, including Chłaniów, in retaliation for the killing by Polish partisans of a German liaison officer. As a result, 44 unarmed civilians, including children and babies, were murdered in Chłaniów and in the neighbouring village Władysławin.”

The Ukrainian Self Defense Legion was a part of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS and was comprised of Ukrainian nationals from the western province of Galicia. It was created under the condition that it would “exclusively fight the Bolsheviks” and not the western Allies, including Poles.

The 14th Combat SS division was not even in Poland at the time of the riots. They were in Slovenia. There is no confirmation or evidence of anything untoward, but media headlines have already convicted this man. The main purpose of joining the legion was to lay the military groundwork for national independence, something the SS opposed.

According to Michael Melnyk’s (2007). To Battle: The Formation and History of the 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, the history of the unit in July of 1944 shows them fighting off a massive Soviet attack from the Second Soviet Air Army and not in the least involved in pacifying local riots. They were instead, on the 21st of July, near the town of Olesko, up against a large number of Soviet tanks commanded by Marshal Ivan Konev. Most of its forces were destroyed in the fighting. Though a German Panzer counterattack rescued 400 Galicians from the town of Brody where they were dug in, the Soviets used their overwhelming numbers to destroy the unit by the 22nd. Yet, the Polish government wants to indict him for actions against civilians on the 23rd.  The evidence does not add up.

The Soviet 91st  Independent Tank Brigade “Proskurov” destroyed the German parts of the division later on the 21st and total losses for the division in this period exceeded 30,000. There is not a shred of evidence that the SS-Galicia unit was used against these villages or was even used as a police force. Even if it were, they were fighting guerrilla partisans, not regular soldiers, according to Melnyk.

Yet Robert Janicki claims 100% certainty of this old man’s guilt. The Center for Holocaust and Genocide studies calls him a “top commander” of the unit while also saying he was only a second lieutenant. This makes no sense at all, but as usual, truth does not seem to be the main reason for this.

Listen to the broadcast by turning on the ANS Radio below.


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