Horst Mahler Arrested In Hungary


In a sad turn of events Horst Mahler who was seeking asylum in Hungary has been arrested. Regional daily Mitteldeutsche Zeitung cited an open letter Mahler published on May 12 requesting asylum from Hungary and its president, Viktor Orban.

Hungarian officials initially said that they did not know about any arrest or asylum request, adding that if Mr. Mahler applied for asylum, he would be rejected, because he is a citizen of a European Union member country — namely, Germany.

Mahler wrote that he was being “persecuted” for publishing a book.

“The work is a religious-ideological declaration. It has no relation to Holocaust denial,” Mahler wrote.

The Hungarian embassy in Berlin denied the asylum request. On Facebook, the embassy said: “Hungary is a state of law and a member of the EU. Germany is also a state of law and member of the EU.” The asylum request “therefore lacks any basis,” it said.

On Monday afternoon, however, the police in Hungary announced that Mr. Mahler had been detained in Sopron, a city in the west of the country, near the border with Austria. Officials said it was likely he would be returned to Germany.

A courageous man who has dared to tell the truth in occupied Germany. He has faced the full wrath of the system, which tolerates no questioning of the 6 million number, along with the other easily disproven and absurd tales of the Holocaust. He has also given the verboten salute, moving his arm in a way that is now an imprisonable offense (in “free” Germany) and he would even “Heil Hitler” on occasion.

As this is currently breaking news, we are only left to guess what will happen to Mr. Mahler, but it appears that he will be shipped back to occupied Germany to rot away in prison until he is dead. This is “justice” in Germany.

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