We are Voting for Hitler!

卐 Nationalsozialistische Umerziehung 卐 (National-Socialist Reeducation)


by Dr. Goebbels

Adolf Hitler’s goal is the union of all Germans. He experienced our people’s need not in books, rather as a person born Austrian whose entire earlier life was filled with the longing for a Greater German Reich. Adolf Hitler will give this longing, which today fills 100 million Germans, political reality.

Hitler, the Great German

Adolf Hitler’s goal is to solve the social and labor questions. His knowledge of social need does not come from hearsay. For many years in Vienna and Munich, he had to earn his meager daily bread as a simple construction worker. There he came to know the people and the working class, sharing in their hard lot and their poverty. He therefore has the right to defend the German working class, wherever it may be.

Hitler, the Führer

Adolf Hitler, the born mass leader, has as his goal to unify the German…

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