‘I am the wolf and this is my den’

A rare signed postcard of Adolf Hitler with his German Shepherd  is set to go on sale at auction.

Hitler presented the postcard to SS guard Ullrich Ellenbeck because of their mutual love of dogs, signing it with the name ‘Wolf’ – a moniker he only used for close friends and associates.

Hitler often referred to himself as Herr Wolf and would say ‘I am the wolf and this is my den’.


Ellenbeck also received a signed postcard of  Joseph Goebbels with his daughter Hedwig, which was a gift from Goebbels’ wife Magda, who knew his wife Anna Leder.

The postcards, along with a letter penned by the guard explaining his relationship with Hitler, have been acquired directly from his estate.

In the letter, he explained how he was presented with the postcard of Hitler after working with guard dogs at Berghof, Hitler’s residence in the Bavarian Alps.

The pair had a conversation about their respective dogs which prompted Hitler to sign the postcard.

Ellenbeck – who died aged 99 in 2011 – wrote: ‘I had a chance to talk to Hitler about his dog Blondi, for I myself loved dogs very much and we had to work with German Shepherds in the SS.

‘One dog was very attached to me and I took it home with me.


‘Those dogs were hard trained, very obedient to their keeper and I admired how Hitler could handle his dog – that’s how we got to talking.’

The connection between Ellenbeck, who joined the NSDAP in 1930, and Hitler was strengthened because his wife Anna Leder knew Eva Braun and made a dress for her.

Ben Jones, a consultant at Mullocks Auctioneers, said: ‘Hitler very rarely signed “wolf” and only signed it to associates or very close friends. That’s why it is particularly rare and of interest to collectors.’

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