Deutschland – Gestern Und Heute (1936)

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Adolf Hitler – two speeches in Munich, July 1937

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Holding on to Bones, & the Dust between the Fingers

L’Aryen Soufi composed this beautifully emotional requiem for Mryters Month. I feel both the pain and the solace in these words. Take them to heart and hold them as you would your child, with Strength Honor and Love.


The white man’s last chance has already come. And if those on whom it suddenly dawned, that there was a racial pride to extol & preserve have just arrived, on earth after the great sun had just set;… it’s too late my dear, oh how sad but too late now that the Führer has gone & did done!

   He came and some pretended while others fought then lost here where burials are for mortal soldiers forgotten and anonymity belongs to those who taken by their Muse go to Valhalla just underneath the helm of Odin’s flapping wings. Fanning with a cool breeze the heroic heart of those who were betrayed but who fought not with hands nor did they covered with bloody fists but with all their soul sweating as would an exemplary death to some incomprehensible supreme awareness that others cannot surely see. And would not if they pleased. The

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