Germany: Thousands Wearing “I love Hitler” T-Shirts in Festival


A police probe is underway after thousands of young National Socialists wearing ‘I love Hitler’ T-shirts and shouting ‘heil’ in a German town for a “Rock against Foreign Domination” festival.

More than 6,000 members of nationalist descended on Themar in the German state of Thuringia to watch 12 patriotic bands performing.

Revellers were seen performing the Hitler salute and breaking the zionist occupied Germany’s dictatorial “anti-Nazi” laws which forbids the use of symbols of “unconstitutional organisations” or “re-engagement in National Socialist activities”.

According to police, the event, on July 15, was peaceful, with officers using the tactic of ‘deescalation’ to keep the peace.


Authorities in of the state of Thuringia said it was the biggest nationwide event in the NS scene.

Visitors were dressed in t-shirts with slogans such as ‘I love Hitler’ and ‘Sturm auf Themar’ (‘assault on Themar’).

In images taken from the large tent on the festival ground, hundreds of concert visitors did the Hitler salute along with shouts of ‘Heil!’ while posters showing WW2 soldiers were visible on the walls.

The public prosecutor has in the meantime opened an investigation.


Six people were provisionally arrested and 32 criminal offences were registered for the use of signs of anti-constitutional organisations, property damage and verbal abuse.

The citizens of Themar, which has a population of just 3,000, tried in vain to stop the concert but two separate courts ruled in favour of the Nationalists saying they had the freedom to organise the gig.

The event was held on grounds belonging to a former member of the far-right AfD party (Alternatives for Germany).


Around 500 citizens and anti-fascist scum held a small protest against the concert with slogans such as ‘out with the brown plague’.

The local hotel closed during the concert as it refused to offer patriots accommodation.


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