Loyal like German Oaks


If all become unfaithful, we remain loyal
So that there will always be a banner for you on Earth.
Comrades of our youth, you are a picture of a better time
That consecrates us to manly virtue and a death for love’s sake.
You will never leave but always be close to us,
Loyal like German oaks, like moon and sunshine!
Once it will again be bright in all brothers’ minds,
And they will turn to the source in love and loyalty.
This grace have the heroes well wrested,
And now, as victory is ours, Satan practices new treachery.
Yet, come what may in our life,
You, o dream of glory, shall never grow old on us.
You stars looking down calmly, be our witnesses,
When all brothers fall silent and trust in false idols.
We will never break our word, never become fools,
We will preach and speak of the holy German Reich.

Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops, Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938

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