The SS-Postschutz (Postal Guard)

post ss

"Neues Europa"

Published in „Siegrunen“ Magazine – Vol. 7, No. 5, Number 42,
January – March 1987

The SS-Postschutz was a formation of distinctly confused character, part of and yet separate from the Allgemeine and Waffen-SS. Its indistinct status can be blamed to a large extent on bureaucratic and political infighting and the strong wills of Dr. Ing. Ohnesorge, the Minister of Posts and SS-Ogruf. Gottlob Berger, head of the SS Main Personnel Office.

In 1933, the new National-Socialist German government appointed Dr. Ohnesorge as Minister of Posts (Reichspost­minister). Ohnesorge had served as a communications advisor to Gen. Ludendorff in WWI, and was quite an inventor and innovator, holding no fewer than 42 patents for devices of his own creation. One of his first acts upon assuming office was the creation of a voluntary „Postschutzes“ (Postal Guard), to guarantee the security of the mail along with telegram, telephone and radio communications…

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