29 October 1922



The March on Rome (Italian: Marcia su Roma) was an organized mass demonstration in October 1922 which resulted in Benito Mussolini‘s National Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista, or PNF) acceding to power in the Kingdom of Italy (Regno d’Italia). In late October 1922 Fascist Party leaders planned an insurrection, to take place on 28 October. When fascist troops entered Rome, Prime Minister Luigi Facta wished to declare a state of siege, but this was overruled by the king. On the following day, 29 October 1922, the king appointed Mussolini as Prime Minister, thereby transferring political power to the fascists without armed conflict.

Today 2017 Rome,

– A far-right activist who attempted a stunt outside parliament on the 95th anniversary of the Fascist takeover of Italy was briefly taken into custody on Saturday, police said.

Maurizio Boccacci, a neo-Fascist leader notorious for Nationalist and anti-Semitic views, tried to put up a Fascist flag on the building of the Chamber of Deputies.

He was taken to a police station, reported to prosecutors for the crime of “apology of Fascism” and banned from Rome‘s municipality for three years, a statement said.

In 2012, Boccacci was handed a suspended one year jail term for re-founding a Fascist party, and three years later he was given the same punishment for incitement to ethnic or racial hatred.

The Forza Nuova party wanted to commemorate the event with a march, but it was banned by police. The far-right group is still planning a demonstration on November 4, the National Army Day in Italy.

In a likely reference to the risk of more neo-Fascist stunts taking place Saturday, police said it was on alert throughout Rome to stop “unauthorized initiatives.”

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