How Deutsche Welle Broadcasting Promotes Holocaust Disinformation And Denies The Truth

By Carolyn Yeager

DEUTSCHE WELLE, GERMANY’S INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC BROADCASTER, was founded in 1953 with the mission to convey Germany as a “liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law.” In this capacity, it commonly puts out false and/or misleading statements when covering the subject of the “Holocaust.”

It’s latest online article on Ursula Haverbeck (right, appearing in court in 2017) is a good case to study. Titled “Appeal postponed again in ‘Nazi Grandma’ Holocaust denial case,” the article contains several errors or falsehoods that can be imputed to DW policy. The first is this sentence:

Under German law, denial of the Holocaust — in which 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis — constitutes incitement of racial hatred.

In truth, it has never been proven that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. In fact, it has been shown that this could not possibly have been the case. The 6 million number comes from the Soviets at the International Military Tribunals held as “war crimes” trials in Nuremberg, Germany immediately after the war. The normal Anglo-American judicial rules of evidence were suspended to accommodate the Russians who had already worked out the story they wanted to establish. So the Six Million is a myth that continues to be perpetuated and the Federal Republic of Germany is legally committed to it by it’s founding and subsequent agreements.

In addition, it has not been proven that even one Jew was intentionally “murdered” by the Nazis as opposed to dying from disease, assorted stresses or even neglect. Being killed or even executed for cause in the line of battle is not murder. Hearsay and so-called survivor tales are not proof.

As far as real evidence ever existing for this myth—it doesn’t. Yet notice the sentence I quoted said “the Holocaust” is something [a story] which holds that 6 million Jews were murdered, and under German law it is considered “incitement” to deny that story and therefore a crime. It doesn’t actually hold that it has to be true, but only that this is German law. This is where the saying actually spoken in court by a German jurist comes: Truth is No Defense. It is why arguments based on evidence or lack thereof can be dis-allowed in court; they are irrelevant to the law.

The next falsehood in the article is this:

The Detmold court initially sentenced Haverbeck to eight months imprisonment in September 2016, after she sent a letter to Detmold’s mayor, Rainer Heller, claiming that Auschwitz was not a concentration camp.

I knew that Frau Haverbeck is too knowlegeable to say that Auschwitz was not a concentration camp. What she actually said in her letter was that ‘Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp’, in opposition to the official claim that it was an extermination camp, or a “death camp.” DW totally misrepresents her by implying that by saying it was only a labor camp, she denied it was a concentration camp. She did not.

In an article published 10-16-2017 they got it right when they wrote:

In August, she was sentenced to two years in prison as a consequence. At the trial, she spoke of an “Auschwitz lie,” claiming it was not an extermination camp, but merely a labor camp.

But on Nov. 23 they botched it again, I think on purpose:

Haverbeck fell foul of the law in the German capital by speaking at a public event in January 2016, when she claimed that gas chambers and the Auschwitz concentration camp “were not real.

Unfortunately, DW doesn’t allow for comments to their articles—not very democratic of them. They don’t want their egregious substitution of “extermination” with “concentration,” done to make the highly intelligent Haverbeck seem like a mad old lady, to be brought to the public’s notice.

This article was accompanied with a picture slide show by (((Max Zander & Ille Simon))) that was also filled with errors. I will point them out:

Image 1 of the Wannsee House – … on January 20, 1942 to plan what became known as the “Final Solution,” the deportation and extermination of all Jews in German-occupied territory.

Even in the forged minutes of this meeting, ‘extermination’ was not mentioned, only deportation. The words ‘Final Solution’ were also not spoken.

Image 2 of Dachau – … Just a few weeks after Adolf Hitler came to power, [Dauchau concentration camp] was used by the paramilitary SS “Schutzstaffel” to imprison, torture and kill political opponents to the regime.

An outright lie. Major political opponents were put in Dachau to keep them from making mischief in society. They were not tortured or killed, but were well-treated and were released at various times, some not until 1945. The same was done in Britain and the USA – and notoriously in the USSR.

Image 4 of Bergen-Belsen – One of the 50,000 killed here was Anne Frank

Anne Frank was not killed, she died from a typhus epidemic, as did the others, and I really don’t think it was a toll of 50,000 either. Bergen-Belsen was a high-level camp until it became overcrowded with camp inmates transferred from the East in 1945 and the infrastructure was destroyed by Allied bombing.

Image 6 of Hadamar Euthanasia Center – From 1941 people with physical and mental disabilities were killed at a psychiatric hospital in Hadamar in Hesse. Declared “undesirables” by the Nazis, some 15,000 people were murdered here …

This is mixed-up language about a complex subject in which words are attributed wrongly on purpose. Anyone who was euthanized had far more severe problems than a simple “disability,” nor could they simply be declared “undesirable.” There is no proof at all that “15,000 were murdered there,” it is speculation. There is no link between Eugenics and Euthanasia. The image shown has no connection to a euthanasia program.

Image 8 – … the thousands of homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945.

Homosexuality in itself was not illegal. It was discouraged but only public exhibitionism was against the law. Homosexuals were not bothered if they did not draw attention to themselves. Today in Germany, homosexuality is celebrated and we are expected to accept it as normal and natural.

Image 9 – … the 500,000 Sinti and Roma people killed by the Nazi regime.

The number who died during that time, of mainly natural causes, was around 20,000, but the Roma themselves, inspired by the Jews, tried to claim as much as 2 million.

So we see how DW scrambles the facts in order to deceive the public and deny the truth about the “Jewish Holocaust.” It is assisting the Jews, both in its own country and in Israel, in the theft of German resources, including even their own land. This deeply entrenched deceit must be studied carefully and exposed. DW is part of the big globalization scheme, and that should not be forgotten.

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